#BehindTheBlogger What Separates Us

#BehindTheBlogger What Separates Us
It has only been 4 days since the inauguration of President Trump, and as much as it pains me to say that, the fact is, he is the President, and will be for the next 4 years, unless he his impeached.
Since the inauguration, I have seen the same hate that was present during the election, come out again, and it isn’t restricted to one party or the other. I have seen the hypocrisy play out across social media, with claims that “my party NEVER acted that way when Obama was elected” and “kids are off limits” which granted, they should be, but are we conveniently forgetting the things said to and about the Obama girls?
Here’s the thing, these actions don’t describe the whole of either party, and what separates us from those people they do describe, is how we respond to things, and the actions we take as individuals.
Women came together the day after the inauguration, not just in this country, but across the world, in a spectacular way. However, millions of people have decried the actions of those women, claiming they were only marching for the right to abortions. Here’s the thing, just because you may not understand why something is happening, didn’t mean it should not happen.
We can come together as a nation, but we must decide as individuals that we WANT too. We have to separate ourselves from the straight line thinking of any particular party, and stop with the false outrage when something happens to our party, and instead be outraged by ANY instance in which that something happens, regardless of party affiliation.
There are people that claim that those of us that didn’t want Trump as President, are just hating, when in actuality it has more to do with being absolutely terrified. Terrified because we have children with disabilities, and his pick for Secretary of Education knows nothing about IDEA. Terrified because his personal affiliations directly affect someone we know. Terrified because his V.P. is OK with treating those in the LGBTQ community as less than, because of his personal beliefs. Terrified because they are supposed to be on the side of ALL Americans, not just those that believe as they do.
However, what separates us, is that we aren’t hoping for failure, we are hoping they prove us wrong…
I have friends and family that are affiliated with both parties, and while we may not agree on things of the political nature, we are still friends and family. That is one of those things that makes this country great, we can disagree and still love one another, which brings me to my last point…our country is already great, and if you didn’t already believe that, then maybe you are in the wrong place.

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