Benjy Grinberg, Music, and College

If you have any interest in the music world, and even more interest in hip-hop, the name Benjy Grinberg might ring a bell. He is the name behind Rostrum Records and has worked with notable artists such as Wiz Kahlifa, and Mac Miller.

If you were to search out more information about Benjy, you might be surprised to learn what his life looks like, and the impact he has made on people. Born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Benjy moved to New York after graduating from college. Soon after he found work as L.A. Reid’s assistant and just a short 3 years later would be striking out on his own to bring his love of rap and hip-hop to a head with the start of Rostrum Records.Benjy Grinberg

Reading about Benjy has been a great pleasure. From his awesome deal with Mac Miller to donate $50,000 to the Make A Wish Foundation (something they did, even after Miller left Rostrum Records), to his response to the attack on the Pittsburgh Jewish community on Oct. 27, 2018, which just so happened to be his home. Sources said that within a week of the shooting, he was back home and doing the work to rebuild strength in the community alongside his father.

With all of this, and as in awe as I am, there was another piece of information I learned about Benjy Grinberg, and that was his scholarship to help assist those seeking higher education. The Benjy Grinberg Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship for those that are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program or are a current high school senior that has been accepted into a college or university.

So what is the application process like? Simple…he just wants you to write a 750-word essay answering this question “What is a passion or hobby of yours, and what role does it play in your educational journey?”

I was explaining this scholarship to my oldest, who has the opportunity to apply for a music program at a well-known University here in Texas. She has played the French Horn for many years, and even her teacher has commented on how quickly she picked up learning to play after her first time touching the instrument. I think this would be a great scholarship for her to apply for, and I think writing about her affinity for music would make hitting 750 words, a breeze!

But your passion or hobby doesn’t have to be music, to get a scholarship from a music-centered man. When applying for scholarships like this, you just need to look within and write down your true self. There are hundreds of scholarships out there, and the criteria and application process for each one is different, so look for one that fits who you are.

Benjy Grinberg has just solidified for me what type of person he is; kind, compassionate, and filled with a passion for music, and a need to help others. You couldn’t ask for a better person…the world needs more like him!

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