Best Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car Interior

Oh, the family dog! Yes, the dog is truly a member of the American family, but that just means we must tolerate more the problems they bring, like leaving their hair behind all over your car’s interior. We know that it’s a pain to clean up pet hair, but we’ve prepared a handy guide to help you get great results, and hopefully make it a bit less of a chore.

Before you get started, the best thing is to survey the whole car’s interior and see how bad the damage is. Besides looking for hair, check for drool stains or other liquid accident stains that might be lurking here and there. Don’t just pay attention to the surface either, get into all the nooks and crannies to make sure you know just how far Fido’s hair has traveled!

There are several approaches you might take, but first, let’s deal with the old-fashioned way. For this, you’ll need two things:

  • A pet hair brush (for loosening the hairs from the carpeting or upholstery)
  • A vacuum cleaner

You may want to just attack it with the vacuum cleaner, but that isn’t going to work since the hairs easily get really embedded in the interior fabrics. The pet hair brush is an essential tool in this. First of all, you’re going to want to use one hand to brush the hair to one side, where you’ll have the vacuum cleaner waiting. Make large, sweeping motions on your first few passes, so that you can get the worst of the hair out — sweep, vacuum, sweep vacuum, and repeat.

This is pretty intense and can be time-consuming, but this simple method should yield good results and get the worst of the hair out. Don’t forget to check in the hidden crevices and darker corners of the car to make sure you didn’t miss any spots.

If going this far is enough for you, then great, but many of you will want to be more thorough. Here are some extra tips for picking up the stragglers:

1) Use a rubber glove – a standard (but clean, fresh) pair of yellow rubber household gloves will do the trick. Rubbing your hands along the surfaces with hair will be quite effective in getting it loose. Dampen it for a bit of extra effect.

2) Velcro curlers (especially for carpets/flooring) – if you have any of these around your house not doing anything useful, break them out for car detailing. The Velcro is ideal for collecting up the more stubborn hairs.

3) Tape – the stronger the tape, the better, but any adhesive tape will do the trick. Wrap it around your hand sticky side facing out, and then pat on the hairy areas remaining to pick up what’s left.

Hopefully, this will help get your car back to its full glory. We want to finish, however, with one more word of advice on how to minimize the damage done by your pet’s hair. One thing you can do is give the dog a good brushing before you take him/her anywhere. Getting the looser hairs off first is a good way to make sure they don’t end up in your car. Second, consider seat covers that you can easily remove and wash. Finally, think about allocating one part of the car for the dog to sit in, and keeping him/her there. Contain the damage to one area, so that when you have to clean up, the area is smaller.

Let’s keep our cars clean!

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