Build-A-Bear Workshop, My Little Pony, and Smiley360


I am a member of Smiley360, and often get accepted to new mission where I am able to test products for free in exchange for my feedback.
I was recently approved for a mission with Build-A-Bear Workshop, where I was sent a $40 gift card so I could purchase a new furry friend. I was able to choose between the Superhero bears, the Disney Palace pets, and My Little Pony. Having been such a huge fan of My Little Pony growing up, I knew that I wanted to introduce my daughter to such a wonderful part of my childhood.
I wasn’t able to get to a Build-A-Bear location, so I settled for ordering one online. However, if you can make it to an actual location, I would recommend it, because it is definitely am experience getting to pick, stuff, and dress your own furry friend.
The process for ordering online was simple, they have different section to choose which friend you want, as well as how you want them dressed, and what accessories you would like for them to have. I made my daughters very simple…
Shipping for orders over $40 is free, so with my gift card, I only paid tax. When my daughters surprise was delivered, it came with the cute little Build-A-Bear cub box, a birth certificate, and was already stuffed and had the saying speaker in place (in the foot), all I had to do was put on the tutu (which by the way, also fits my daughter! LOL)
I think that it was a hit, as my daughter hasn’t put Rainbow down since she arrived, and she talks to her, makes her “fly”, and has even requested that I braid her hair…
I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of this little friend, and will definitely be making a trip to my local Build-A-Bear, and building a new furry friend for my son.
If you are interested in building your own furry friend, then click here for a coupon good for $5 off  a purchase of $25 or more (exp. 9/30/2014)
Thank you to Smiley360, and Build-A-Bear for the awesome new furry friend!

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