Buying Gifts For A Child with ASD?

Regardless of whether you are a parent of an ASD child, a family member, or a friend, it’s important to think carefully before buying them gifts. The festive season is right around the corner and a lot of people will be looking for the right presents to buy. Here are some key things that you definitely need to keep in mind.


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Sensory Concerns

One of the key things to remember about children with ASD is that a lot of them do have sensory issues that can seem weird or peculiar to you. For instance, many kids with ASD can’t deal with significantly loud noises. This is why you have to be careful if you are taking them somewhere like a theme park. Noise-canceling headphones could actually be a fantastic gift for a child with ASD and help them deal with this problem. If not, you’re the best at testing how loud a toy is before purchasing it. 


Battery Trouble

Tech can be a great option for children with ASD because it’s interactive, engaging, and immersive. However, you do need to think about battery power and how long it’s going to last before it needs recharging. ASD children can’t always cope with waiting for long periods to use something that they want. Think about how fast the item recharges and whether it can be used while it’s on a charge. If you’re looking at RC toys, get several batteries, chargers and make sure they last for as long as possible. 


Motor Control

It’s quite common for children with ASD to have issues with fine motor control. This is something to keep in mind if you are buying them something that they need to interact with. You need to think carefully about their age range and what they will be able to use. Is it something that you or your parent will be able to help them with or is it designed for independent play? 


Look At Gifts Specifically For ASD Kids

Finally, you might want to think about buying gifts or toys from shops and stores that have selections specifically designed for children with ASD. For instance, there are shops that sell sensory items for people with ASD. These can be incredibly beneficial and help children relax. A wonderful example of this could be light-up toys that respond to touch. These can be wonderful for children with ASD because it helps them to calm down and can avoid them lashing out or getting frustrated. If in doubt, you should also ask either a teacher or a parent what they recommend purchasing. 


We hope this helps you understand some of the top things to consider when you are purchasing a present or toy for a child with ASD. There’s definitely more to consider here than when you’re buying a gift for a child without a diagnosis. However, be aware that some of these tips can be relevant when you’re buying toys for any kid because a lot of them are impacted by these issues. 


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