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California, Disneyland, the beach, the sunshine…it all sounds wonderful. I have had many friends relocate to California, and they are living their best lives. California has a lot to offer people that are looking for a change, but depending on where you decide to locate yourself, California Living will look different for each person.

I went to California on vacation with my family when I was 5 years old, and while I don’t remember much of it, I do remember Disney, the beach, and going out on a boat to watch whales. It is one of my best memories! While I don’t remember much of it, I have seen a multitude of beautiful posts from my friends currently living there, and you can almost hear the sounds of California, and feel the warm sun on your face just by looking at the pictures.

My little cousin lives in California, and from what I have heard, spends a great deal of his time surfing…I have never tried to surf, but I can bet that I wouldn’t be able to do it to save my life! Thankfully there are surf schools available to give me lessons…I might need to do that if I ever visit California again!

California Living
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

One thing I do know about California is that a great deal of Hip Hop has come out of the area. Now, I love rap and hip hop…the older stuff, the stuff more in line with the origins of the genre and culture. So I am especially fond of the movements surrounding hip hop, that originate there. One of which is SNT JMS, a clothing line and cultural movement that gives 100% of all its donations to black-owned businesses, Civil Rights Foundations, and the victims of systemic racism and social injustice; learn more about their movement.

Now, if you decide that you are being drawn towards California Living, you must be ready to embrace the beautiful scenery and abundant sunshine…what better way to do just that, than to create your living space in a way that embraces all that beauty?! With the help of Ove Decors, you can do just that. With the use of open floorplans and tons of natural lighting, the products available can put that amazing finishing touch on your living space.

Look, I get it Califonia Living might not be for everyone, but for those that crave the sunshine, beaches, and salty air, California is heaven. So, whether you decide that you want to live there long term, or just go for a visit, make sure you are ready to embrace all that California has to offer. Take advantage of the sounds, the sun, and the fun!



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