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What are the items that give an aesthetic appeal to your home? Blinds, lighting, shelves, and whatnot! But have you ever thought about an electric fireplace? Besides the advantages of being Environment friendly, low maintenance, reasonable, having it inside your home upgrades its value and aesthetic appeal. And if you decorate the mantel around it, you are creating something alluring for your family members and visitors. So what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and get some fantastic mantel decor ideas. 

Seasonal foliage: You have decided to decorate the focal point of your home. What is better than bringing nature to your place? With the seasonal foliage, give an elegant look to it.

You can use fresh branches. Do not forget to coat them before placing. Otherwise, they will drop off. Want to give them a longer life? Then preserve them with spray.

You are in the perfect mood for creativity. How about adding some spark to the leaves? You can add glitter to the foliage. To do this, pour the colored glitter into the bowl. Afterward, coat each leaf. The more coats you will add, the more it will shine. For excellent outcomes, select the colors that match the leaves.

mantel decor ideas
Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

Symmetrical display – Do you know that symmetry is one of the best ways to capture the eyes of the visitors? It gives a pleasant view. Our eyes always look for a balance. Hence symmetrical displays always catch the attention.

To give a finishing touch to this symmetrical look, spruce it up by adding some décor to the center of the mantel. It could be a decorative box or any small object that will elevate its look.

Dark and dramatic combination: Imagine a combination of darkness, boldness, and drama. Isn’t it breathtaking? Dark-colored walls and a blend of bold flowers will perfectly steal the show. Accentuate it more with taper or pillar candles to complete the feeling of drama. 

Don’t give a complete black color to the wall. You can select a moody color that ignites the feeling of style. Deep, dark color schemes, such as blue, gray are a part of this group. The flowers and candles will further make things exciting. 

mantel decor ideas
Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Layered artwork: To get the most out of your fireplace, hang different pieces of artwork above it. You can use oil paintings, contemporary glass paintings, geometrical optical illusions, etc. By seeing the collection of various art pieces, the decoration will definitely remain etched in your heart.

Enhance it with books – Are you a bibliophile? If yes, then you can adorn it with an amazing collection of books. Are your books collecting dust in a corner? Put it here and see how the book clutter turns into a stylish display. No doubt that the mantle will also look spectacular with this option.

To sum it up all

There is no denying that when you enter the room with a fireplace, you are simply drawn towards its beauty. Therefore if it is a central piece of your home, then why not style it up with the best mantel decor ideas? This will surely beautify your house and you will enjoy the relaxing time!


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