3 Reasons Why You Should Never Wash Your Face With Just Any Soap

When it comes to washing your face, many women have various routines they do day and night to clean and

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Natural Hair Extensions in Bronx, NY

Natural Hair Extensions in Bronx, NY Some hair extensions can look so unnatural that people can tell you’re wearing them.

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Positively Glowing | A Story about Positive Self Image

I didn’t grow up as one of the popular girls in school—in fact, it was a pretty well-established joke that

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Why Sustainable Beauty Is the Way to Go

While the public’s interest in sustainable practices skyrockets, most cosmetic companies are pursuing more organic and environmentally responsible ingredients and

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Are all Organic Skincare Products Cruelty-Free?

One misconception that people have on naturally-labeled products is that they all shun the use of animals to test the

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