Yes, It Really Does Exist: Retail Therapy Can Actually Improve your Mood

Many people joke about retail therapy improving one’s mood, but there is some truth behind it. Shopping in moderation can

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A Guide to What Wearing Rings on Each Finger Means

Women and many men love to adorn their fingers with different rings. However, they often don’t stop to think about

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Will there be Lugz boots under your tree this year?

It’s crunch time folks! Not much longer and we will be celebrating Christmas with our families; will there be a

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Mama’s Beach inspired Outfit and protecting the Wonders of the Ocean

Summer brings warmer months, and vacations. Many people opt to travel to the beach, where they can swim in the

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New Year, New You: Reinventing Your Look This Year

The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to look at your life through a retrospective lens, and

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Affordable Elegance and Beauty

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful piece of jewelry. Something Elegant and loved by the one gifting it and the

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