Food, Fitness, Noom; The Weight loss Triple Threat

We have all heard the saying that weight loss starts in the kitchen, and this is true, but there is

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4 Common Misconceptions About Donor Eggs

Anyone facing an infertility diagnosis may seek answers to the many questions they have during a late-night Google session. Unfortunately, there

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What Causes Facial Paralysis in Newborns?

Facial paralysis in newborns can be caused by a viral condition, a congenital condition, or by trauma an infant experiences

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Feeling Deeply About Someone Who Is Suffering From Dementia? Remember These 7 Key Things

Elderly people are loved by many and should be taken care of well. Sometimes a family member must make the

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3 Facts About Alcohol Induced Dementia

Alcohol abuse has resulted in the destruction of countless families, relationships, and careers. While people know that drinking problems can

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Scars of Life: What Kind of an Event Can Lead to Psychological Trauma?

Trauma causes serious psychological effects on victims. It can lead to negative thought processes, and some individuals could withdraw from

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