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So many times, I’ve went to use the restroom at either a store or restaurant and I’ve been disappointed by the lack of hook on the door to hang my purse. Then I have to hurry and see where I can kind of pinch or wedge the strap of my bag somewhere to hang it so I can use the restroom. Sometimes, I have no choice but to hold the bag while I do my business or more disgustingly put my designer bag on the filthy floor. At times, I wish I would have just brought my own carabiner to help me figure something out at these inopportune times. Alas, it was brought to my attention, of the wonderful idea, of the Clipa. The Clipa is a total lifesaver and I am so excited to finally have one!


The Instant Bag Hanger

The Clipa is an instant bag hanger. It is so versatile, that it can be used anywhere. It is a round hook, that snaps open to let you hang your purse as needed. You can hang it on a rod, over a door at the restroom, even on a side table! After you are done hanging your bag, you simply pull the strap and the Clipa slides back onto the bag. What I love is that not only does it work so exceptionally well, but it is very durable.

The look of the Clipa is very luxurious looking. It is a polished hematite and you can even pull it off as a bracelet if you wanted. It is just that classy! I really love it. Having the Clipa, makes me feel secure, like I have the tools I need to succeed. I know it sounds cheesy, but I am serious. When a girl needs to get her business done, she wants to be confident and ready to conquer, even if it is just that moment where she needs a little help in the restroom.


The beauty of Clipa is that it hangs on most everything. On edges, ledges, rails, and openings. I love having it either looped around my purse strap ready to use at a moments notice and very easy to find. I like the choices it offers. The most common places to use Clipa, besides the restroom, are gyms, restaurants, bars, cars, planes, casinos, clubs, movies, carts, salons, rails, and even using it as that cute luxurious bracelet. Moms who push babies in a stroller can use it as an extra pair of hands.

It makes life so convenient, and even life saving at times. For instance, having one of these when riding on a plane can give you the extra leverage you need in a tiny cramped place by allowing you to hang your stuff somewhere so you can search your belongings more easily. At restaurants, if you end up eating at a table that has rounded chair backings where there is no possibility of hanging your purse, because it will just fall off to the ground, the Clipa instead, will allow you to use the edge of your table to conveniently hang your purse.

The Clipa and My Bag

I feel that the Clipa sells itself. Ladies will see what I have when I am using my Clipa in public, and feel that it is such a helpful tool. They should consider getting one for themselves too. It is simple to use. Just open and place the Clipa on the bag strap. Place somewhere to hang, then just pull your bag strap and the Clipa falls back onto the bag. There are no worries about having your belongings spill to the ground while trying to juggle your purse in your lap, because Clipa will hold it for you.

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