Comfort found in a #SlimSleeper Latex Pillow

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There are hundreds of different types of pillows out there, and depending on the person, you might have several different types in your home. That is how I am, I love pillows, so I have several that are big and puffy, and down filled. Then I have some that are heavy and thick, and filled with memory foam. The thing with the pillows that I love, is that they end up being too big for other members of my family. Like my 4 year old daughter for instance, who loves to take my pillows, even though she has several toddler sized pillows.
Unfortunately, her tiny little noggin, doesn’t do anything to the size of the pillow, and her little neck ends up being extended in a way that can’t be comfortable. That is just part of the reason why I love my newest pillow…it is called the Slim Sleeper, and it is a low profile latex pillow, that has pin holes in for a cooler and more comfortable sleep.
As I suspected, my daughter immediately claimed ownership of this pillow, and for the first time, I am absolutely okay with that. This pillow is sturdy enough to support her, but thin enough, that her neck is not extended at an odd angle all night. She sleeps better, which means I sleep better, and that is something that works for me!
If you are tired of the pillows you have, and are looking for something that will make falling asleep and staying asleep, easier, then you have to head over to Amazon, and pick yourself up a Slim Sleeper Pillow!
*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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