Common Causes of Clutter Issues in Your Home

A cluttered home is a frustrating home, no matter how much you may love it. If you currently live in a bit of a mess, you aren’t alone. You certainly aren’t the only person who has let things like life events and children get in the way of organization. There are numerous reasons your home may have fallen into disarray. We’ll go through some of the common causes of clutter issues in your home and what you can do in response.

You Don’t Have Time to Organize

Any parent knows the struggle of finding enough hours in the day to do everything while still getting some sleep. Not having the time to organize your whole house is understandable. The best thing you can do in this case is to refrain from tackling everything at once. You won’t be able to do it in your limited time, and it will only serve to frustrate you. Just clean up the clutter in little bursts to stay on top of it.

You Have No Systems in Place

When you have a chaotic home, you need to take steps to inject some order into it. Without a system of organization, everyone in your house will believe that anywhere is free space to put down whatever they want. Designating specific areas for your coats, laundry, and mail can help bring a semblance of order to the mayhem.


You Keep Bringing in Duplicates

We all need to be a little warier about what we buy and bring into our homes. Duplicate items only take up more space and make everything messier. Closets become hotspots for this clutter when you purchase multiple articles of clothing that serve the same purpose without getting rid of anything. Consider what you already have and what you could get rid of before you bring in something new.

You Want to Avoid the Work

Everyone leads busy lives, but this is especially true if you’re a parent or caretaker of someone else. There’s no shame in wanting some downtime where you don’t have to clean. However, you should still find a good balance between allowing yourself time to rest and doing some organization. You don’t have to spend every minute cleaning. But you should devote some of your time to it.

Your Health Is a Concern

A common cause of clutter issues in many homes relates to certain health concerns. If you have a chronic illness or an injury that makes it hard to tidy up, you shouldn’t feel bad for the state of your home. In this case, it may be prudent to ask for or hire assistance. Getting help isn’t a sign of weakness or admittance of failure; it just means you know your limitations.


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