Common Causes of Gross Motor Developmental Delays

It’s common for children to have developmental delays, especially in gross motor skills. As a caregiver, you should know the common causes of gross motor developmental delays and how essential it is to identify them early for a positive intervention.

What Are Gross Motor Developmental Delays?

Gross motor skills refer to balance and hand-eye coordination, both of which involve movement of the legs, arms, and torso. These muscle groups help the body make large movements. But what are developmental delays? Developmental delays are the lag in the body’s main muscle groups.

What Makes Gross Motor Skills Important?

Gross motor skills are essential to every child’s upbringing. They help children know how their bodies move and what to do with certain parts. For example, they learn to use their feet to kick and run and use their hands to grab and throw.

These actions are imperative to help children know and learn their body’s functions. From infancy to childhood, kids learn how to raise their head and hold it up, sit, crawl, walk, and roll over. Motor skills are an essential part of life, and you should help your child improve them if you notice evidence of delay.

The Common Causes of Gross Motor Skill Delays

What are the common causes of these setbacks? Sometimes it’s environmental factors, and other times it’s genetics or premature birth. Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t limit children and never should.

Environmental Factors

Where a child’s born can play a huge role in developing their core motor skills, specifically gross. For example, if the area your child plays in doesn’t have enough toys or they can’t climb, run, or jump at a playground, it can hinder their developmental progress.

Genetics and Disease

Genetics create trouble in acquiring essential gross motor skills. It’s necessary to check your family’s health history to determine if genetics make gross motor skill learning difficult. If you’ve found genetics and hereditary diseases, you can plan out situations better. Two inherited disorders to remember are autism and ADHD, which can cause gross motor skill delays.

Premature Birth

A premature birth can cause developmental delays, including gross motor skills. Babies may need surgery right after birth, creating more difficulty later in life. As a caregiver, do your part to help children develop their gross motor skills. Do activities like drawing and riding a bike—these can help children with gross motor skill delay learn to balance themselves.

It may take some time, but learning the common causes of developmental delays in gross motor skills can help you etch a plan to help children learn their gross motor skills properly. Start by doing activities to improve hand-eye coordination to help kids achieve huge milestones, no matter their age or cause of gross motor skill delays.

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