Compression Socks? Yes, and here is why!

Compression Socks are one of those items that some people swear by, and others think are of little use. I am on the YES team, and below are just a few reasons why along with the compressions socks that I wear from Crazy Compression.

compression socks


Compression socks are a positive addition to your wardrobe for a number of reasons. They are good for just about everyone; those with medical conditions that affect their legs, such as those with Deep Vein Thrombosis, varicose veins, leg ulcers, or edema (swelling). Additionally, those with poor circulation have experienced the benefits of compression therapy.

Runners are also seeing the positive attributes of compression socks. Watch any marathon these days and you are sure to see many of the runners pass you wearing either socks or sleeves. In addition, many of them wear them after the race during recovery. Why? because the compression boosts your lymphatic system and reduces inflammation. This causes an increase in circulation which your muscles benefit from allowing for a faster recovery.

compression socks

This is also a huge reason why pregnant women like compression socks! We all know how swollen our legs and feet can get while we are pregnant, so having a good quality pair of compression socks around is always a good thing.

One word of advice though; As with everything it is good to make sure that not only are you safe to wear them (there are medical conditions that are not good with compression) but that they fit properly. Before buying them, make sure that you have the proper size; not too tight, but not too loose, and definitely, don’t wear them wrinkled as that can cause other problems. So, which compression socks are best?

I like Crazy Compression. Not only do they have a great sizing chart, but they have several styles to choose from. I love my ankle socks!!

compression socks


An excerpt from their site lets us know why we should choose Crazy Compression too!

“Crazy Compression OTC’s & Sleeves 15-20mmhg because it is the perfect amount of pressure you should need to get the most out of compression. It works for the person that runs 1 mile or 20miles. It works for the person that stands for 6 hours a day or 12 hours. Our compression is made for everyone”


You can get Crazy Compression socks on their website and on Amazon. Plus, be sure to follow along on social media to stay up to date on promotions, new styles, and more!

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