Considerations To Know About Moving With a Family

Moving can feel stressful at any age. There are various things to add to your checklist to keep the process moving smoothly when you have a young family. After all, finding the perfect home is about much more than house hunting. You may have even more to consider if you cross state lines. Below, we’ll outline some of the top considerations to know about moving with a family to eliminate those worries.

Evaluate the Cost of Living

One of the first things you need to consider is how your cost of living will change. Sometimes, moving into a bigger home comes at a higher cost, but this isn’t always the case since different factors impact price. Budget how much groceries should cost in addition to taxes and other expenses.

Evaluating the cost of living and investigating career opportunities go hand in hand. If you need to seek out new employment, you may want to do so before buying your new home to keep the cost of living easily affordable.

Know It Won’t Be Easy for Everyone

As you review the top considerations to know about moving with a family, you should also hold a household meeting. Relocating and making new friends can cause anxiety at any age, but kids can have a harder time fitting in than adults. Remind your child you understand their feelings. You can keep everyone excited by allowing the kids to pick out decorations for their bedroom or talk about exciting things in the new neighborhood.

moving with a family


One of the most common signs it’s time to move is when your current house feels too small. Use this to your advantage, especially if kids get to go from sharing a room to having a private space. Or maybe your family will finally have a large home to welcome a furry friend into the picture.

Investigate Schools

Moves often require children to change school, and this is something to evaluate when you begin shopping for a new home. While you may find the perfect house, you also need to understand the surrounding area.

Good education is vital to a child’s growth, so read through school ratings in potential areas. This is also the time to see what extra-curricular activities schools offer since you’ll want something with a bit of variety to give your child options and keep them well-rounded.

Maintain Relationships

Moving is bitter-sweet. Finding a new home doesn’t mean saying ‘goodbye’ but instead, ‘see you later.’ You can emotionally prepare your kids for moving by helping them find creative ways to maintain these relationships, like writing letters or doing weekly video calls. The same goes for adults in your household—remember to keep up with your vital relationship.

Your method of communication depends on what works best. If your children have close friends they don’t want to leave behind, plan playdates. Relationships take hard work, but it’s always worth it.


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