Cooking up fun, with The Amazing Chef Cooking Set, from Lakeshore Learning

In the public school arena, there is so much focus placed on teaching kids how to take tests…something that most kids struggle with, and something that as mom of a special needs child, I don’t agree with. Growing up in a time where learning was fun, and we learned through play, the rigors that are placed on kids these days, are stripping our kids of their childhood. That’s why, when my husband and I decided that we were going to homeschool our kids, we knew that we needed to take a different approach to teaching them. Bringing back things like Home Ec. After all, eating is a pretty essential part of living! This is why I am so pleased to have been able to partner with Lakeshore Learning, and bring their The Amazing Chef Cooking Set, into our homeschool area, and our lives!
The Amazing Chef Cooking Set, is part of Lakeshore’s “Gifts For Growing Minds” Collection, and I think it is a perfect addition. This set is packed full of everything you need, to teach your kids the basics.
This set includes:

 adjustable apron
baking pan
 stainless steel mixing bowl
liquid measuring cup
color coded measuring cups
color coded measuring spoons
silicone spatula
large plastic butter knife
wooden spoon
10 craft sticks
cooking activity cards
Lakeshore thought of everything! With this set, your child will learn a little kitchen lingo, to help them get started, along with a few kitchen safety rules.
Skill 1, teaches your child how to crack an egg, and includes a recipe for “Eggs-traordinary Egg Bake”
Skill 2, teaches your child how to measure ingredients, and includes a recipe for “Crispy Cookies”
Skill 3, teaches your child how to mash and stir, and includes a recipe for “Easy, Creamy Guacamole”
Skill 4, teaches your child how to peel and slice a banana, and includes a recipe for “Banana Bonanza”
Skill 5, teaches your child how to spread pizza sauce, and includes a recipe for “Mini Muffin Pizza”
As you can see, this amazing set makes for a very happy kiddo! Whether you area homeschooling mama like me, or just want to teach your child the love of cooking, this set is perfect! So, head on over to Lakeshore Learning and get a set for you and your little one. Do you want to her some exciting news? The wonderful people over at Lakeshore want me to give my amazing readers a chance to WIN The Amazing Chef Cooking Set! So, just enter the giveaway below, and get reader to start cooking with the little Chef in your life! Good Luck everyone!
*I received the item in this post complimentary in review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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