Country Home: How To Create Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style, often called country or rustic, has a nostalgic and comforting feel that we all love. It’s impossible not to feel welcomed and at ease in a home that’s warm, casual, and has a bit of a “lived in” look. Whether you’re in the city, suburban, country, or on an island—it doesn’t matter. Bring the country home with our tips on how to create farmhouse style.

Neutral Palette

Think of your walls as your home’s canvas and paint them in neutral colors. Neutral isn’t boring; it simply gives you greater flexibility when decorating. The word “neutral” scares home decorators because our minds quickly go to colors like beige when we hear it, but neutrals are simply soft shades with many undertones, such as blue, green, pink, cream, and gray. 

farmhouse style

More Baskets Please

Baskets are a home decorator’s delight. They look cute and hold just about anything. Baskets also add an instant country feel to a home. There’s a warmth about them, no matter the material. Although, when you’re choosing them, throw in some wire baskets for added charm and a fresh-off-the-farm feel. Use large baskets in corners for collecting “stuff” and smaller ones on tables and bathroom shelves for storage.

Don’t Be Distressed 

Don’t be distressed, but please do distress objects in your home. First, you’ll need to paint everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but painted objects scream “farmhouse,” and in this case, that’s a good thing. Have fun painting cabinets, tables, chairs, and whatever else your paintbrush can’t resist. Then, start distressing. Distressing is the process of removing small amounts of paint with light sanding to make a new object look antiqued. It’s the perfect way to make a shiny new object soft and worn. 

Flea Market Finds

For the ones whose hearts flutter from the words “flea market,” we get you. Flea markets offer one-stop shopping for old objects that bring your farmhouse style to another level. Egg baskets, signs, and dishes—you name it. If it’s old and inspires feelings of nostalgia and a simpler time, adopt it immediately and bring it home. 

farmhouse style

First Impressions

A front porch is perfect for the farmhouse-style home. Spruce yours up with plenty of cozy seating and blooming flowers. If your home has the right exterior but no porch, keep in mind that nothing improves curb appeal like the addition of a front porch. It’s truly the first room to greet guests. For a house with farmhouse appeal, it’s the best spot for long summer afternoons with ice-cold lemonade. 


The most important of all the tips on how to create farmhouse style in your home is to create a place of comfort. Just the word “farmhouse” inspires comfort, so a farmhouse style has to be comfortable. Choose overstuffed furniture with slipcovers for easy washing. Add rugs to wood floors for warming feet and ottomans for putting those feet up. You want everyone who enters to feel like they can make themselves at home. As you decorate and find your farmhouse style, make comfort the ultimate goal. 

In conclusion, a farmhouse style is flexible, family-friendly, and comfortable. Create it no matter where you live, and prepare for guests to feel right at home.

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