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As bloggers and social media influencers, there are those in the industry think that they know everything on the subject matter of creative content…and those of us that know we still have things to learn.

The creative content world can be a sticky world to try to traverse; here you are, in the mix of thousands of other influencers doing the exact same thing you are. Vying for the same contacts, brand collaborations, and sponsorships, hoping to make it big…or at the very least enough to pay your bills. The thing is, with all of that, also comes the fact that not all influencers have the same opportunities; in that, I mean that some have the money for major equipment…cameras, lighting setups, computers, etc. while others are relying on their 5-year-old smartphone and a cheap ring light.

Now you might think that the influencer with the pricey equipment is going to churn out better creative content, and in some instances, you would be right. However, I have experience with some influencers that are absolutely KILLING it, with that 5-year-old smartphone and their ring light. Creative content isn’t so much about the equipment you use to make it, but the vision you have for it!

We live in a society that is on their phones a million and one times a day. Stealing a few minutes of social media scrolling, whenever they have a moment. This also means that they are likely looking for the things that draw them in quickly and can garner a quick double-tap to like before getting back to work. Some people look for those perfectly manicured pictures because it allows them to live vicariously through the picture, while others want to see real-life…the kids photobombing the close up your were trying to get of the new home decor, or the kids and /or spouse “ruining” your youtube video by walking in mid-recording session.

So, with everything that comes along with creative content creation, where does an influencer look for advice on advancing their craft, following, or chances of a brand collaboration? Look to the marketing experts; such as Angela Wei Milk Agency. With expertise in creative collaborations, she has worked with companies like Razorfish, Heavy, and Time Inc. You can find her socials here, as well as how to contact her.

Angela’s advice?  “it is okay to be uncomfortable. Challenge comes from discomfort.”

So, keeping her advice in mind, and knowing how much things can change day to day, how do you move forward with gaining a foothold in this crazy creative content world? One such site is intellifluence, and you can learn more about collaborating with brands by reading their article on collaborating with brands as a blogger.

Sometimes the greatest creations come from failure and having to try, try again. Know your audience; do they want manicured pictures, or do they want real life? Do they want to live vicariously, or do they want to see that they aren’t the only ones juggling a crazy amount of jobs? Also, keep in mind what the BRAND is looking for. Some of them want that perfectly manicured and polished HD picture, so be sure that you can give them what they are asking for.

If being able to comply with what a brand wants, comes down to the equipment you have at your disposal, make sure you learn how to get the most out of what you have available. If all you have is a smartphone, read up on how to tweak your settings in order to take pictures like a pro. If you can splurge for the pricier stuff, then do your research there as well. What ever you do, don’t compare yourself or your followers to other influencers…y’all are not the same, and you shouldn’t strive to be.


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