Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Child’s Room

When you were a kid, how did you want your room to look? Pink with polka dots, lime green and blue, or another color combo? Either way, you were stepping into your own and developing a newfound taste for interior design. When your child tells you they want to redecorate their room into a big kid room, it’s your time to help them shine.

Give your child the most comfortable space to sleep, play, and think creatively. If you and your child are stuck on how to redecorate their room, here are a few creative ways to spruce up your child’s room that you’ll both love.

Don’t Be Afraid Mix Patterns

When it comes to your child’s room, mixing patterns and colors is a great way to give their room personality. However, there’s a thin line between just enough and too much. Mixing different complementary colors and patterns makes you more likely to use their old items and remix them into something modern and stylish.

Add Wallpaper or Paint to One Wall

Adding an accent wall is a great way to spruce up your child’s room. This is an excellent moment to allow your child to choose their color scheme or theme to incorporate into their wall colors. If your child has a creative mind, adding a chalkboard is a fantastic idea, as they draw on the walls without ruining the paint. Plus, chalkboard markers are also easy to clean and remove from other surfaces!

Enlarge and Frame Special Pictures

If your child has a favorite band, singer, artwork, or character, you can enlarge and frame a photo or print to show off in their room. Adding wall art to their walls is a great way to celebrate their personality and interests. For example, if your child loves world maps, you can frame their favorite map and watch their interest grow every time they admire it.

Display Their Prized Possessions

Is your child a little celebrity? Put their passions and accomplishments on display to incorporate their interests into the interior design. These items are easily accessible if they want to use them or gawk at them again. If your child plays guitar, hang the guitars on the wall. If your child plays sports or has won the science fair, display their trophies and certificates!

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