Creativity and Female Entrepreneurs Run The World

Creativity means something different to each person that hears the word. People all over the world use different mediums to be creative, so it only makes sense to say that creativity runs the world.

I can look at just about anything in this world, and see the creativity behind it. Whether I am looking at the sticker men made by my 4-year-old, a sidewalk chalk drawing, a wall mural made by my favorite Native artist, Bunky Echo-Hawk, or even my favorite TV show. None of these things would be possible without creativity; the ability to create something out of thought.

From the streets and sidewalks, we traverse, to the house and buildings we live and work in, to the way we dress, wear our hair, and use makeup…every single aspect of our lives centers around creativity. Without it, we would all look, dress, talk, walk and live the same exact way…and that would make for an exceedingly boring existence.

For some people, turning that creativity into a way to support themselves, has also continued to make the world go round. Without people like Nancy Etz, we wouldn’t have access to shows like Fargo, The Rookie, and NCIS: New Orleans. Shows that allow us to escape reality for 30 minutes or an hour, and immerse ourselves into the fast-paced world of criminal justice, or whatever world we might be watching at any given moment.

People like Nancy Etz, are the people that make sure shows like that even hit the airwaves. They have made a business of turning other people’s creativity into something we can all enjoy, and for that, I think many of us are grateful.

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

The thing about Nancy though is not her ability to get great shows on the air, but rather her ability to nurture young female entrepreneurs. Her ability to use her own creativity to show and mentor the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

In fact, female entrepreneurs are flexing their creative wings in numbers that are continuously growing, with absolutely no sign of stopping. Studies show that in the last 5 years, female-owned businesses increased by 21%. Unfortunately, with COVID hitting small businesses hard, female-owned businesses seem to have taken the brunt of that hit, but only because 66% of the women that own these businesses are still reporting that it is harder for them to secure small business funding than it is for their male counterparts.

Still, women are resilient and with their strong will and creativity in place, I have no doubt that they will find a way to make their businesses bounce back; and when women bounce back, we bounce back even harder!

So while creativity does run the world, creativity and female entrepreneurs, run the world even harder. There is nothing a woman can’t accomplish when she puts her mind to it. Maybe you have seen the meme that says, whatever you give a woman, she will increase 10 fold… it’s true, so don’t underestimate the women in your life. If she says she wants to do something, your best bet is to encourage her and watch her spread her wing to fly…then hold on tight, because you will be hard-pressed to get her to land!

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