Credit woes? | Tips for improving your credit

Credit; it can be the best thing or the worst thing, and sometimes both at the same time. Everyone strives to have good credit, after all, good credit scores mean a greater chance of approval when it comes to buying power. They also mean lower interest rates.


What most people don’t realize is that we don’t start out with great credit scores, we have to earn them. There are a variety of factors that go into achieving a great credit score. Things like debt to income ratio, a mixture of accounts, and on time payments.

When everything falls into place correctly, your score can skyrocket. But what happens when life hands you a bag of lemons, and payments aren’t made on time, or accounts go to collections? Your score can drop faster than you can blink.

However, there are ways to manage your credit, and even improve it over time. Keeping a close eye on your credit reports is the first step, disputing invalid accounts, and paying down debts come next. In the process, adding a tradeline can be a positive addition, even with a low score.

One such way is with a car loan, and with places like Earnhardt Auto Centers’ Mr. Ed Finance Department, getting a car loan just became a whole lot easier. But it doesn’t stop there, The Mr. Ed Finance Department is there to help you regain control of your credit, and make it even better!

With tips and tricks for improving your credit, and the ability to drive away in a good car, you are well on your way to great credit. After all, no car means no job, and no job means no money; and how do you expect to pay your bills (credit) with no money?!

Earnhardt Auto Centers have locations in and around the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. They have a great selection of vehicles, that are ready to drive you home. Even if you think you aren’t creditworthy, let the Mr. Ed Finance Department work their magic.

They are #1 in Loan Approvals, dealing with Bankruptcies, Bad Credit, No Credit, Repossessions, Divorce, Tax Problems, and ChargeOffs. There is a reason why they have over 50,000 approved. The question is, do you want to be next?

Having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a safe and reliable car. Let the experts help; search their inventory of new and used cars, fill out the financing application, and get on the road to better credit.

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