Cut Your Environmental Impact in Half This Summer

If you aren’t concerned with the impact that you have on the environment, you should be. Every single thing that each of us does every day has an impact on the world around us, whether good or bad. With how drastically the climate is changing, it’s more important now than ever to do what we can as individuals to reduce our environmental impact. Some damage can’t be reversed, but preventing more damage from being caused is entirely possible! Here are a few easy ways to decrease your environmental impact this summer. 


Use reef-safe sunscreens

Sunscreen is definitely not something most of us think about in terms of the environment. If you don’t live anywhere near the ocean, this isn’t nearly as important of a tip. But if you plan to spend any time this summer in natural bodies of water, including lakes, make sure that the sunscreen you are using is safe for wildlife and reefs! Many sunscreens simply aren’t made with these things in mind. One brand that is reef safe is Sunbum! 


Auto maintenance that will improve your impact

We all know that driving less is a great way to cut down on your environmental impact. But we get that sometimes driving is inevitable, especially in the summer when the sun is hot and beating down on all of us. So, when you are driving, it’s important to make sure that the impact you have is lessened. Which is why getting your vehicle checked routinely is incredibly important. Your fluids should be switched out, and your catalytic converter should be replaced every single year! These two things make a huge difference in the pollution your vehicle contributes. 




Incorporate more plants into your diet

The more plants you eat, and fewer animal products, the better for the environment. You don’t have to become vegan, and we all know how much summer barbecues are a staple of our summers. Simply strive to make each meal heavier on plants and a little lighter on animal products. At your barbecue, grill up a pineapple and skewers of vegetables to accompany your burger, so you don’t have to eat as much meat to get full. Small changes like this may not seem impactful, but they are. 


Plant a few trees

Trees and plants do wonders for improving the environment, so why not add a few extras to your landscape this summer? Head to your local nursery for a sapling to plant in your yard(make sure it is away from power lines), and replenish your garden beds with colorful flowers. Plants indoors are also great for purifying the air in your home! The more plants and trees you can have in and around your home, the better. 




Close your curtains

With the hot sun beating into your home for so many hours of the day, it can get really hot, really fast. Close your window shades and curtains to block out the sun, which will help keep your home cool. This keeps your energy bill a bit lower since you won’t have to spend so much energy keeping your home cool if there isn’t as much sunlight heating things up. Employ the use of fans, such as a box fan or a ceiling fan, instead of turning on your AC for as long as possible to help reduce your impact a little more. 


Use reusable items for picnics

We all love a good summer picnic, right? Instead of bringing plastic cutlery and single-use plastic bags for everything, only use items that are reusable. Put sandwiches in containers instead of bags. Bring along wooden cutlery instead of plastic ones. Paper napkins aren’t a necessity. The less single-use items you can use, the better! Plus, you’ll save money when you use reusable items. 




Cutting your environmental impact this summer doesn’t have to be a huge effort on your part. Simply switch out a few of the products you use daily for ones that are better for the environment, and you’re good to go! A lot of people avoid making these simple changes because they think that a few small changes won’t make enough of an impact, but trust me, even the smallest change makes an important positive impact on the environment. 

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