Dear Mama | #BehindTheBlogger

Dear Mama | #BehindTheBlogger

Dear Mama,

There are so many things that I want to say to you, and not near enough time to say it. We haven’t always been the best of friends, but we have grown over the last few years. We have reached an understanding, and we have worked through so many of our issues. Yes, we definitely still have more work to do, but I know that we are making progress. I guess what I really want to say is that I love you. It took a while for me to be able to say that to you again, but it is true.

It’s only now, as I raise my own little ones, that I realize how heartbreaking it is when your child lashes out. I am sorry for all of that, for the late nights, and broken hearts, the worrying, and the anger. I understand now, that you only wanted to protect me from experiencing the same things that I was putting you through. I hope one day you can forgive me for that.

I hope you can take solace in the fact that, while I may have done it the hard way, I learned some of life’s hardest lessons, and grew from them. Now, as a mother, I can try and walk my own kids through those same lessons. As parents, I think we want life to be easy for our kids but we know from our own experiences, that hardship makes you grow.

I am the wife, and mother that I am today, due in part to those hardships, and the way I learned those life lessons. So, when we look back on my teen years, I hope that one day we can say, it didn’t almost kill our relationship, but rather set it up to be stronger in my adulthood.

I love you mama, and I always will.

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