Decluttering Guide: Steps for Cleaning Out Your Basement

What do you use your basement for? Many homeowners create additional living spaces with the spare room, and others use them for storage. If you fall into the second category but want to reimagine the area, you need to begin by sorting through all the clutter you have. Read up on the best tips for cleaning out your basement to keep this process simple.

Create a Timeline

While you can move at your leisure, that isn’t the most efficient way of getting things done. You may find yourself getting distracted or pulled toward other projects and commitments. And this makes cleaning the basement less effective since you’ll lose track of what’s important.

Establish a timeframe for getting things done and put it on the calendar so that you don’t make other plans or push it off. It could take a few days, depending on how much work you have ahead of you. Give yourself the time you need to do the job right.

Zone Off Areas

Deciding to clean the entire basement at once is too big of a task, and you’re more likely to get disorganized as you work. Section the area into zones and clear out areas one at a time. This way, you have an appropriate process for doing things.

Designate Piles for Items

Throwing everything into one enormous pile extends the process for you and everyone else involved. Instead, create areas for items you plan to:

  • Donate: organize by type, such as clothing, books, toys, etc.
  • Toss: separate belongings that are trash from recyclables
  • Sell: make some money off things with value

Keeping everything organized makes cleaning more efficient and prevents you from making a bigger mess of what you want to keep and what you want to purge.

Contact the Right Organizations

Depending on how much you have to get rid of, you may need to contact a junk hauling service to take large furniture or other items you can’t donate. Likewise, you’ll need to find a local charity for donatable goods. Finally, as fall quickly approaches, you may come across various summer items you can donate, and there’s never a wrong time to give seasonal items to a charity. So if you find summer apparel you’ve stored down there, sporting gear, old backpacks, etc., donate them to help those in need.

Create a System

The final step for cleaning out your basement is to think of a way to keep it that way. After all that hard work, the last thing you want to do is let the basement get messy again! Create an organization or storage system and ensure everyone in the household understands it. You can also practice the one in, one out rule; you get rid of an item every time you purchase something new. This helps prevent a build-up of clutter and keeps your basement looking perfect.

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