Dessert Treats That Come Without The Guilt

If you’re looking to “be good” when it comes to your diet, then you need to figure out which unhealthy foods are your demon, in particular, and to take the fight to them. If you’re like many people, then your sweet tooth might be your demon. However, rather than completely denying that sweet tooth, it can be a little easier to appease it with some dessert treats that are healthier than they might taste.

Make more fresh fruit desserts

If you want a dash of sweetness, then why not make sure that you’re at least getting plenty of nutrition from them, as well? That’s precisely what fresh fruit desserts can do for you. This can include things as simple as a fresh fruit smoothie, or berries put together with oatmeal and some Greek yogurt to make for a sweet and tasty breakfast. Fruit does have quite a bit of sugar, so don’t get carried away with the idea that you’re being healthy while inhaling a ton of fruits, however.

dessert treats
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Can chocolate ever be good for you?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes. While you should always be careful to eat it in moderation, dark chocolate has quite a host of health benefits, such as the fact that it’s rich in antioxidants and can improve healthy cholesterol levels, which reduces your heart disease risk. What’s more, you can make it even better for yourself. Click the following link to learn how to make healthy dark chocolate. What’s more, the recipe is vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free, so almost anyone can enjoy it.

A berry delicious ice cream

For some people, there are few desserts as tempting as a tub of ice cream, with all of those delicious flavors that it can come into. How can ice cream be made healthy, however? Well, for one, you can make sure that your flavor is provided by one of the more nutritious ingredients, using wholefood strawberries, rather than strawberry syrup or flavoring. The ice cream itself can be made using Greek yogurt with a little balsamic vinegar to cut through the fat and break it down into a more ice cream-like texture when it’s frozen.

Cake for angels

Fluffy, dense, and sweet cake. The perfect thing to go with a cup of coffee and one of the top comfort desserts out there, bar none. However, by using this recipe for angel food cake, you can have a cake that has next to no fat or cholesterol and is even low on sodium, to boot. The main source of sugar is the berries included in the recipe, which are often considered a superfood for just how nutritionally dense they can be.

Of course, when it comes to any sweet foods, the key is moderation. Dark chocolate is good for you, but you shouldn’t eat three slabs of it a day. With the recipes above, it might be a little easier to blur the lines between being good and being indulgent.

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