Different Reasons To Board Your Pet

No one ever wants to leave their animals out of a family activity, but you often have to, for their safety or care. Part of your responsibility as a pet owner involves finding care for your pet when you’re away or busy. One way to give your furry companion the care they need is through animal boarding. Whether it’s for a few days or a long week, consider some of the different reasons to board your pet.

You’re Going on Vacation

Most people must board their pets when leaving the home for an extended period of time. Think about finding care for your pet while preparing for your trip, and schedule everything weeks before the date so you don’t have to scramble the day before you leave. You can hire a family member or neighbor, but if you can’t, you’ll need to find a boarding service you can trust.

You’re Moving

Change is difficult for some pets—especially dogs. You’ll need to exercise caution while undergoing a big move and packing your things away. Since the door will constantly swing open while moving boxes into the truck, consider taking your pet to a boarder to keep them out of the chaos while you settle into your new home.

board your pet

Give them a small space when they come back featuring things they recognize—furniture with familiar scents, their favorite toys, and their favorite bed. Be patient with your pet, as learning a new home with new scents proves challenging for animals!

You’re Having a Child

This is one of the more unique scenarios involving boarding your pet. While it’s a joyous moment for you, your pet will stay all alone at home—and if you’re at the hospital for a few days, they won’t have the care they need. If you lack a close friend or family member who can take care of your pet, especially a pet as needy as a dog, check whether they can simply board your pet for a short time.

While you can have someone check on your cats once or twice a day, a dog needs constant attention. Take the initiative during your pregnancy to find a boarder that’s perfect for your dog by learning everything about their service.

Boarding Your Pet for a Vacation

Some facilities are more of a pet hotel than a stuffy boarding service. If you want your animal to meet new friends and get the VIP treatment at a pet hotel, sign them up for a few days at a boarding facility. This is excellent for socializing your pet, whether they need assistance with human socialization or socialization with other animals.


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