Don’t Get Hit with Winter Repairs

Winter is firmly upon us and the end is not yet in sight. We have to stay extra vigilant during the winter months so as not have any mishaps or accidents on the road. It is a challenging endeavor when you consider the snow, slush, and ice that litter our roads during the winter months. This risky driving time increases the probability of us running into trouble, and the potential high speeds and impacts of collisions in winter mean that the potential for expensive repairs is also great. Here are some valuable tips for keeping your car out of the dealership mechanic for at least one more winter.


  1. Slow down — seriously

Even an increase of 5mph can significantly increase your braking and stopping distances, especially on icy roads. What’s more, bad weather can increase your reaction time. It’s imperative that to avoid accidents resulting in (expensive) repairs, you should cut your driving speeds by at least 10-15mph.


  1. Wash off the winter weather regularly

Winter brings snow, slush, dirt and road salt within close proximity of your car. It’s more important than ever that you wash the car regularly, especially the wheels, tires, and undercarriage since they bear the biggest brunt. Consider also using wax or sealant on your paint to offer additional protection from dirt that could get embedded and cause scratches or swirl marks later on.

winter repairs 

  1. Let your car warm-up

Start the car around 10 minutes or so before you actually set off so that it has time to warm up properly. Very modern cars tend not to need very long as they are more cold-resistant than ever, but you should still start your car and allow the engine to warm up so as not to risk damage to any of the many individual parts that make up that machine. Even one part going wrong can ruin the car’s harmony.


  1. Don’t take unnecessary risks

Our final tip is to use common sense and avoid both unnecessary journeys on bad-weather days, and unnecessary risks while out on the road. If the car in front of you is going a bit slow, follow patiently, it’s not worth overtaking and risking a dangerous skid or collision, which could hurt you and your wallet when it comes to repairs or increased insurance costs.


Hopefully, if you follow our advice you won’t end up with any surprise repair bills this winter. If you do encounter any difficulties though, remember that your dealership offers the best expert help for your particular car model, and will be able to quickly get you back on the road after any mishap. Stay safe on the winter roads and keep your car in good order. Spring is coming!

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