Don’t You Remember | #BehindTheBlogger

Don’t You Remember | #BehindTheBlogger

I have known my husband for nearly 18 years, and in that time we have experienced so much together. Some of excellent, some of it horrible, but all of it together. Sometimes we sit back and reminisce about when we first met. Asking each other “Don’t you remember” of course we only try to remember the good stuff; No point rehashing and reopening old memories and wounds. Sometimes though we reminisce about a time that some people would think was absolutely horrible, but turned out great for or us.

There is one memory that we remember fondly; It isn’t our wedding or the birth of our kids (of course those are GREAT memories!) It actually goes a little like this:

Don’t you remember that time that Taco Bell never tasted better? My husband and I had fallen on very hard times, were living out of our car, with not a penny to our names. We hadn’t eaten in about 2 days; we were hungry, tired, and almost out of gas. Well, we ended up coming up on $60 and managed to get a motel room for the night, gas in the car, and the greatest tasting Taco Bell we have ever had!

For some people, that would have been hell, but for us, it was the start to getting back on our feet. I got a job at Dillard’s, which allowed us to pay for a room until we had saved enough to get an apartment. This led to us getting a car, then saving and moving into a house just in time for our son to be born. So yeah, when we sit back and play “Don’t you remember” we usually start with that story, and then look around at where we are now.

It’s a good memory, even if it starts off with us being homeless and hungry!

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