Dreaming of a Neverending Christmas!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time when the family gathers, and joy spreads across your child’s face as they dream of Santa. When things are decorated with ribbons and bows and twinkling lights. A time when people try to spread joy throughout their communities and help those in need. Sometimes I dream of a Neverending Christmas!

With all of the lights, and decorations, joy, and fun, one of my favorite things about the Christmas and holiday season is baking. It is when I pull out my grandmother’s cookie recipes and make treats for family and friends. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas with Pizzelles, Gingerbread, and Sugar Cookies!

Still, I can’t think of a single person I know that doesn’t go in search of new recipes, decorating ideas, or even new vacation spots each year around Christmas. That’s why I am glad that there are roundups of these exact things, like https://schmidtchristmasmarket.com/blogs/news where you can read all about Travel at Christmas time, Great Christmas Recipes, Decoration how to’s, and more, on 3 Blogs a day!

neverending Christmas

Each day they find the best advice Christmastime articles to help you plan your perfect holiday! Sounds like they are dreaming of a neverending Christmas too! It doesn’t matter if you are planning a small Christmas celebration at home, or are dreaming of a Christmas Vacation complete with horse-drawn sleighs in places like New Orleans, or even a tropical Christmas Vacation. You will find all that and more when you visit Schmidt Christmas Market…after all, they are all things CHRISTMAS!!

I know that Christmas is a few months off, but who says you can’t start planning and dreaming now? There are some great travel destinations listed, as well as recipes, gift ideas, and of course decorating ideas! So head on over and check it out! You will be glad you did…and don’t forget, there is always Christmas in July, which is just around the corner!

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