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As a family of five, living on one income, saving money is key to surviving the month. Whether it is by clipping coupons, collecting free samples, or buying out of season clothing and shoes; saving money is key. I have tried it all, including those coupon sites that promise that they have a code that will save you X amount of money, or give you free shipping. You get all excited to save some money, just to hit disappointment when you enter the code, and the site tells you it is invalid. Not the case with Dealspotr, my new go-to site for the best deals, that are always valid!

How could they ALWAYS be valid, you say? Because 30,000 Dealspotr members are constantly reviewing and validating the deals, and if they don’t work, they are gone! Believe me, I was skeptical at first too, but when a friend invited me to try it, I said ok, and I am so glad that I did. Ok, but you said I could earn while I save…yes I did; let me break it down for you…

When you first join Dealspotr, you are given the ability to test and validate a certain number of deals. As you validate these deals, you earn points. If you continue to correctly validate deals, your points will increase, as will your ability to validate more deals. For every 10,000 points, you can redeem a $10 amazon gift card. I did that my very first day! Want to earn more? Get other people to join; you get a referral bonus when they confirm their email, plus referral points based on the activity of each member that signs up from your link. If you sign up with Dealspotr using my link, we both earn!

In addition to the points you can earn by referring members, and by spotting deals, you can earn a bonus 200 points each day, just by completing a daily checklist. It is super simple, and a great way to earn gift cards, and save money. Do you have a blog, and want to be a Dealspotr influencer? That comes with its own set of perks. Just think, you can save money buying things that you need, while you earn money doing it, and helping other people do it!
I can’t tell you how good it feels, to find something that I know I need for my family, knowing that the code I found on Dealspotr will work. No more holding my breath waiting for a site to tell me if the code was valid. Plus, you can find codes for just about any store you can imagine, with more added all the time. It really is very easy,  you will be posting and validating deals in no time.

You can follow other members, comment on deals, like, repost, and even share deals across social media. Found a deal that is hot or on fire? those earn you extra! I am amazed at just how quickly those points add up, and if you do decide to become an influencer, and your level grows, so does your pay; you even have the chance to cash out via paypal.


The easiest way to find the deals to post? Just go through your email, and post the deals that companies send you. I know we have all signed up for the newsletters from our favorite retailers. Take advantage of the deals that are popping up in your mailbox; Even if you aren’t using the deal, you can help someone else save when you post them.

With everything from promo code deals, to BOGO deals, site-wide deals, and even in-store deals with printable coupons, Dealspotr can help you maximize your savings, and stay within budget. All I know is that thanks to Dealspotr, my kids birthdays and Christmas, are covered! So, if you are ready to save, ready to earn, and ready to help others do the same, then join me on Dealspotr; You will be so glad that you did.

If I have your attention, and you are ready to earn, click HERE…if you want to be an influencer, let me know, and I will give you an access code. I hope to see all of you on Dealspotr!

*I am a Dealspotr Influencer and receive perks. Clicking any of my links will earn me money. If you choose to join after clicking one of my links, you will also earn money*

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