Environmentally Safe Products

With everything that the world is going through today with pollution, climate change, and the like, we should all be doing our part to make sure that we are using environmentally safe products in an attempt to slow down the rapid destruction of our planet.

There are a plethora of products out there now that not only help businesses be more environmentally friendly but also individual homes. From the cleaners that we use to the way we get our groceries home, each and every little thing we do can end up have an impact on the world around us. Small steps can create some of the biggest impacts, especially if there are a lot of people taking the same small steps all at the same time.

If you have kids you might have seen the show Splash and Bubbles. In it, the tiny seahorse named Ripple sings a song called “One Small Ripple”. In it, she sings about how one small ripple can turn into a giant wave. If we think about preserving our planet in that way, we can make a huge change, but it starts at home.

That being said, what are some ways to make little ripples? One way is by using products that are made of natural ingredients. One line comes from http://scicorp.net/odour/. This line of products is made of 100% all-natural products, and they tackle everything from litter box smells, to septic tanks, compost smells, and even wastewater management. This means that they have products for home and business; there is no excuse now!

environmentally safe products

If you are a big business that deals with shipping large items on pallets it might be wise to look into hygienic plastic pallets, not only do these pallets last longer than traditional wood pallets, but they are recyclable, and we aren’t cutting down the lungs of the world to make them! This is a wise step for a company in becoming more environmentally responsible, in addition to saving money in the long run on shipping pallets.

Both of these items; the pallets and the cleaning products can be ordered online, making it much easier to obtain during this time of uncertainty. I for one know that I will be looking into the cleaning products because there are several available to would be put to good use around my house…that litter box deodorizer? yeah, I definitely need that one with 4 kitties in the house!

However, let me give one word of advice if you are ordering these items, or really any items online. Please don’t be one of those people that commit “friendly fraud”. What is friendly fraud you ask? It is when you order something, receive it, then claim you never got it creating a chargeback. The company loses money, you look like a thief, and honestly, nobody has time for that nonsense. Thankfully though, companies can avoid friendly fraud with https://www.paay.co/chargeback, which protects them from shady underhanded people that don’t like to pay when they purchase! Yeah I know, that has nothing to do with environmentally safe products, but it needed to be said!



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