Essential Guide For Newbies Buying Penny Boards

The small plastic skateboards, also known as penny boards, are highly popular among skateboarding enthusiasts due to its compact size. It is perfect to use when travelling short distances in jam-packed locations with no elevation. If you are interested in penny skateboards, you need to ensure that you will get the best board that would suit your needs. Shopping for this type of skateboard needs careful attention, especially if you are beginning to venture in action sports. 

Here are some important facts about penny skateboards and essential shopping tips that you need to keep in mind when looking for an ideal skateboard for beginners like you. 


What Are Penny Skateboards?

The penny board is a kind of plastic skateboard known as a short cruiser among avid skateboarders. It is synonymous with the products of Australia-based sports brand Penny Skateboards, established by former professional skateboarder Ben Mackay in 2010. He named the plastic boards made with plastic deck and cruiser wheels after his sister, Penny. The founder’s childhood skateboarding adventures inspired him to develop this type of skateboard. 

Penny boards stand out in the market for its wide range of colours. You can find various parts of penny board structure in different hues and designs, which you can put together to personalise your custom penny skateboards. It is often smaller and more lightweight compared to wooden skateboards.  


penny boards
Photo by Thomas Vitali on Unsplash


What Are The Features Of Penny Boards?

Compared to the typical longboards, the penny boards are generally shorter and made with durable plastics. It allows it to become lighter and easier to carry anywhere since it does not require larger space, unlike the longer wooden boards. 

Also, some skateboarders enjoy using penny boards because they can provide a surf-like riding experience. It can be attributed to the injection-moulded durable decks. It also has an aerodynamic form that cannot be replicated by skateboards made using other materials. 


How To Pick The Best Penny Board?

Check The Material OF The Wheels

When buying penny skateboards, you need to inspect the quality of the wheels attached to the board to ensure your safety. You need to avoid the wheels made from PVC because it tends to slide easily. Instead, you must get the penny boards that come with polyurethane (PU) wheels. 

It is also crucial to consider the hardness of the skateboard’s wheels. Generally, beginner skaters are advised to get skateboarding wheels under 80 A category. The softer wheels tend to have a better adhesive property and have a very good mute on irregular surfaces. 


Look For Metal Trucks

Some penny boards are built with plastic trucks. This type of material can save you a significant amount. However, it may also cost you more in the long run since it usually snaps easily. 

Suppose you want to ensure your enjoyable skateboarding experience without compromising your safety, you must look for durable penny board brands like the original Penny Skateboards that feature durable trucks made with high-quality aluminium materials. It can provide the best control and ride stability. 

Buying penny boards need special considerations, especially if you want to enjoy your skateboarding experience as a newbie. You need to ensure that you will carefully look into all the parts of the board before purchasing it to avoid any unwanted accidents while cruising on the roads. Remember, most cheap skateboards come in substandard materials. It would be better to invest in high-quality skateboards so you will enjoy the sport for a long time.

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