Five Tips for Organizing a Baby’s Closet

As parents ourselves, we understand the struggle of organizing the nursery closet. However, as we’ve come to discover the best ways for managing a baby’s wardrobe, we’ve also got tips to keep all the onesies, clothes, PJs, and more organized. Here’s a list of the five most-wanted tips for organizing a baby’s closet.

Install More Closet Rods

As your child receives clothes for birthdays, for holidays, and “just because,” you’re going to need to make more room. Instead of piling everything onto the closet rods to the point where it becomes difficult to move things, think about new ways to add more space. When you’re organizing the closet, add some more rods at different heights to make arranging a little easier on yourself, especially if you have onesies that you need to stow away for later use.

Use the Top Shelf for Organizing

There will still come a time when you run out of closet space. If that day has come or if it’s about to make an appearance, it’s time to purge the closet and declutter. If any clothing no longer fits your little one, store it somewhere or give it to an expecting friend. However, if you don’t want to part with anything yet or if your tot still fits into most of their clothes, consider using the top shelf of the closet for additional storage.

organizing baby's closet

Label Everything

At times, we like to use label systems to keep everything contained and organized. For example, you can use a bin underneath a crib or bed for favorite toys and outside toys. Whatever you need to organize, a label system can save your child’s room from getting messy.

Add Some Lighting

Dark closets make finding matching sets hard—rummaging through a dark closet to find an outfit is difficult. If this happens often, consider placing wireless LED lights in the closet to help you find things and pairing outfits together more easily.

Utilize Space with Thin Hangers

To make the closet feel a little roomier, you might want to use slim hangers, which add style and space to the closet. With thin hangers, hanging and organizing clothes becomes a lot easier.

As your nursery closet comes together, these tips for organizing a baby’s closet are just what you need to get started. After following these tips, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to quickly grab an outfit, a onesie, or a toy for your little one with your newly organized closet.


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