Four Ways to Take Care of the Environment

It is important to take care of the planet Earth, since clean air, water, and a well-kept natural environment are essential for the human race to survive and thrive. Environmental activists like Louise Gund have had success in making many positive on local, national, and international levels. If you would like to follow their lead, use these helpful tips to do your part for the environment.

Limit Your Use of Plastic

Pollution from plastic bottles, straws, packaging, and more is a serious problem for oceans, animal life, and the planet as a whole. Each year, eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean, where they do severe damage to creatures such as sea turtles, fish, and birds. In addition to mitigating damage to the environment, switching to a reusable water bottle will be beneficial for your health, since studies have shown that the chemicals in plastic water bottles may be harmful. Plus, by not buying single-use bottles, you will save money!

care of the environment

Other ways to use less plastic include investing in a reusable straw, bringing reusable bags with you when you shop at a grocery store or department store, and using beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap to keep leftover food fresh.

Take Public Transportation

Cars are a classic symbol of freedom, but that freedom comes with a cost. When automobiles hit the road, they produce harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming. The air and noise pollution caused by car exhaust can lead to respiratory issues, such as chest pains and coughing, and hearing loss. By opting to walk, cycle, or take a bus or train rather than driving, you will reduce your individual vehicular footprint.

Eat Less Meat (and Dairy)

The production of meat for human consumption, especially pork and beef, is extraordinarily inefficient. The clearing of forests in order to create farmland for livestock, along with the methane gas emitted by these animals, causes enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. As the world’s population continues to grow, it will become necessary for more and more people to reduce their consumption of these products. If you are not willing to commit to an entirely vegetarian or vegan diet, instituting one day a week to stop eating meat – such as “meatless Monday” – is a great start.


care of the environment

Shop at Thrift Stores

The production of clothing, shoes, and accessories takes its toll on the environment, particularly in the current “fast fashion” culture which encourages consumers to purchase inexpensive, cheaply made items and replace them each season. There are far more textiles produced today than consumers will actually purchase, meaning that a huge amount of clothing ends up in landfills. Buying secondhand reduces waste, both the clothing items and of the energy and water required to make them. It can be fun and exciting to browse through thrift stores since they often have unique and beautiful items that are not available in conventional stores.

By taking part in some or all of these practices, you will be doing your part to protect and care for the environment. You may even find that some of your friends or colleagues follow your example!

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