Fun Holidays You Need To Celebrate This Spring

Spring lasts from March 21 to June 21. It’s the time of year when everyone embraces the sunshine, warmer weather, and blooming flowers. It’s a time for celebration! Easter is a sure sign of spring, but what about the other holidays during this lovely season? These are some fun holidays you need to celebrate this spring. 


Easter is probably the most widely celebrated and widely known spring holiday. It’s when families gather together for egg hunts and brunch. 

Make a homemade Easter basket for your kids to make the holiday memorable and unique. Gather the materials you’ll need and enjoy an afternoon of crafting with your children. Don’t forget to fill the baskets with all kinds of popular goodies

Cinco de Mayo

Take the time to teach your kids about diversity and why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Gather your friends and family for some delicious Mexican food and drinks. Party the night away on the fifth of May! 

celebrate this spring

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers are special people for many. During the school year, our kids spend a lot of time with their teachers. Let’s take some time this spring to celebrate the fantastic teachers in our lives. Pack a basket full of fun pens, pencils, stickers, and other fabulous school supplies. Find out the teacher’s favorite book store or coffee shop and grab them a gift card. 

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Yes, Father’s Day falls during spring. In fact, it typically happens on the last day of spring. Celebrate the beautiful people who brought you into this world, raised you, and formed you into the person you are today. 

Dads love spending quality time with their kids, so spend the day enjoying his favorite hobby with him. Take him golfing, fishing, or to a sporting event—whatever makes him happiest. Moms usually want some pampering, so whip up her favorite meal and treat her to a day at the spa. 

There is always room to create new traditions. Choose any of these fun holidays you need to celebrate this spring, and you’ll have new memories in no time. Happy celebrating! 


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