Fun Spring Activities To Do With the Family

Spring is a beautiful season and the perfect time to get your entire family outside for a bonding activity. Let’s face it: you and your kids could probably benefit from a change of pace and some time outdoors in the fresh air. Struggling to come up with something to do? Try one of these fun spring activities to do with the family.

Blow Some Bubbles

You don’t have to stray far from home to have a good time. Just grab some bubbles and head out to your porch, driveway, or backyard! You can either make your own bubble solution or buy an inexpensive bottle from your local store. For a bit of variety, let your kids experiment with bubble wands of different sizes and shapes. You could even have a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble.

fun spring activities
Image by M W from Pixabay

Go on a Hike

Looking for some exercise and a nice view? Try going out for a family hike. You can hike practically anywhere—down your neighborhood’s sidewalk, through a local nature preserve, or through a wooded area near your home. If your kids get bored of just walking, try making the hike more fun by hiking to a fun location, incorporating a game into your walk, or turning it into a nature walk.

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is a rewarding experience for parents and kids alike, and it’s a fun activity for families to do together. Let your kids take some ownership of the garden by choosing what they want to plant. Planting flowers in your yard makes for beautiful scenery. On the other hand, planting a vegetable garden can be a fun family project as well, and you’ll all be able to reap the benefits of your hard work once your tasty vegetables have grown.

fun spring activities

Take a Bike Ride

If your kids are old enough to ride a bike, a family bike ride makes for a fun adventure. Most areas will have some good bike trails or prairie paths that you can ride on. If one of your kids still needs to learn how to ride a bike, spring could be the perfect opportunity to teach them—once they get the hang of it, throw a party to celebrate with the whole family!

Visit the Park

A classic family activity that the kids will love, visiting the park is never a dull time! Your kids will always be able to find something there that they enjoy doing, whether it’s the swings, the slides, or the monkey bars. You can easily combine a trip to the park with a family walk or bike ride, and parents can either join in the fun or take a few minutes to relax on a park bench while the kids play.

fun spring activities
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

These fun spring activities to do with the family are great opportunities for your entire family to spend some time together. Your kids will be entertained, and you’ll be grateful for the chance to experience the outdoors as a family.

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