Fun Summer Crafts and DIY Projects for Teens

With the summer sun in the sky, it’s time to take craft days outside. Outdoor crafts kill multiple birds with one stone. They minimize indoor messes and accidents, give you fresh air, get the creative juices flowing, and provide a fun pastime activity for all ages. Plus, hosting craft parties and hangouts for your kids gives them an engaging activity to enjoy with their friends and create lots of memorabilia to look back on. Whether you host a sleepover or a play date, here are some fun summer crafts and DIYs for your teens and their friends.

Personalized Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags are perfect for numerous summer activities, from beach days to shopping at the local farmer’s market. They provide a stylish, durable, and sustainable bag that’s easy to carry and customize. You can make your own canvas bag from scratch or buy one from the craft store and decorate them with various art and sewing supplies like buttons, stickers, fabric markers and paints, and iron-on prints and patches.

Crochet Tops

This year, crochet tops are the must-have summer trend. Influencers and teen magazines dub crochet tops a fashion icon of the season. All it takes to stitch a top is some crochet hooks, yarn, and easy step-by-step Youtube videos. If the tops don’t work out and you prefer buying them, there are plenty more crochet crafts to try, like mini plush animals, bags, and baskets. Plus, taking a trip to an authentic yarn store is always a fun adventure, especially with their vast collection of colorful threads filling the room.

Tie-Dye Beach Towels

Prepare for your future beach and pool trips and tie-dye some beach towels. Since the early 2000s, tie-dye trends have come and gone in waves, always returning in the warmer summer months of the year. Their multicolored patterns create fun and appealing designs that embody summer vibes, making them great summertime crafts to DIY. Instead of simply dying shirts, take your tie-dying skills to the next level and tie-dye beach towels, sparing your closets from yet another tie-dye addition. Tie-dyed beach towels not only look cool and create personalized towels, but they also make them easier to find at a crowded beach or pool after going in for a swim.

Adventure Books

Teens are in a liminal stage. They’re young, but they’re also barreling straight to adulthood. Akin to scrapbooks, adventure books allow people to track their memories. However, adventure books are shorter, sound cooler, and entice kids to explore. Creating adventure books simply requires any composition book and art supplies. Your kids can customize the covers of their books and their pages. They can come up with an outline of the memories they want to make during summer.

Enjoying some summer crafts and DIY projects with your teens gives you a fun activity for them and you to enjoy in the leisurely moments of summer. On top of providing a way to occupy time, crafts also create physical memorabilia to cherish and hold on to.

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