Fun Winter Crafts You Need To Try With Your Children

While you may not take your children outdoors in the winter, there are many activities your kids can do indoors! Learn about these fun winter crafts you need to try with your children this season!

Paper Snowflakes

Snow is a winter favorite! What’s a better way to celebrate the holidays than creating personalized snowflakes? All you need for this craft are the following:

  • One square white sheet of paper
  • A pair of scissors

First, fold the paper over into a triangle. Then, fold the triangle in half to create a smaller triangle and unfold the paper. Follow the crease in the middle of the triangle, then fold the right side of the triangle in line with the center crease. Follow the same step for the left side as well.

Next, flip the paper over, and cut off the hanging pieces so that you end up with a triangle. Fold it in half one more time, then begin cutting your snowflake patterns along the edge of the paper that isn’t folded.

Paper Plate Snowman

A snowman craft is a classic with many creative opportunities. For this adorable craft, you’ll need these supplies:

  • One small paper plate
  • One large paper plate
  • A glue stick
  • Colored construction paper

To make the snowman, you begin by flipping over the paper plates so that their undersides face up. Place the edge of the small plate over the edge of the larger plate. Secure the plates together using a glue stick so that it dries faster, and you can quickly continue the craft!

Once it’s dry, the creative process can begin! The essentials for creating a snowman are the eyes, carrot nose, mouth, top hat, arms, buttons, and scarf. Colored construction paper is a versatile item with which you can make all these parts of the snowman.

But remember that this project is completely customizable. Consider including supplies like ribbon, googly eyes, rhinestones, and stickers! Perhaps you’d like to choose colorful rhinestones for the snowman’s buttons instead of black construction paper or use the ribbon to make the snowman’s scarf. The best part about this craft is that your kids have the creative freedom to design it however they like.

Cotton Ball Penguin

This fun winter craft you need to try with your children will have them excited for the holiday season!

The supplies you need include:

  • White cotton balls
  • One sheet of white paper
  • One sheet of black paper
  • One sheet of orange paper
  • A glue stick
  • Buttons or googly eyes (optional)

Think about the shape of a snowman like from the previous craft! Cut out the shape of the penguin’s body with the white sheet of paper. There will be a small circle at the top and a larger circle at the bottom.

Next, use the black paper to create the same outline as the white paper, but slightly bigger. This way, it’ll outline the penguin’s shape. Glue the white paper on top of the black paper.

After the foundation of the penguin is ready, you can start gluing on all the cotton balls! Cover the entire white paper with cotton balls, and wait for them to dry.

Using the orange paper, cut out the penguin’s beak and feet. Glue the feet to the bottom of the white circle. Then, place the glue on the backside of the beak, and stick it on the cotton balls.

Your penguin needs some eyeballs too! Use buttons, googly eyes, or circles of black construction paper. Stick them just above the beak onto the cotton balls, and your penguin is complete!

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