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Working out and staying fit is a way of life for a lot of people. They schedule time in the gym daily, and you tend to always see them in their workout gear. You might think they spend their entire life in the gym, but that’s not the only part of getting fit, and staying healthy. It is said that a fit body comes 80% from your diet, and 20% from the gym; and while it may look likes its the other way around for a lot of these fitness buffs, what goes on behind the scenes is really where the most work happens. The diet and supplements being taken by fitness buffs and bodybuilders play a huge part if achieving the level of fitness they are after.

Fitness and bodybuilding supplements are EVERYWHERE, and deciding which ones to choose can be difficult, but starting simple is the best way to go. I am sure we have all heard of Nature’s Bounty, but what you may not know is that they are the leading global manufacturer, marketer, distributor and retailer of vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports & active nutrition and ethical beauty products.

Some of my husband’s favorite supplements, protein bars, and pre and post workout come from under the Nature’s Bounty umbrella of brands. Products like MET-Rx, Body Fortress, and Pure Protein provide him with everything from protein shake and bars, to intra workout enhancers, allowing him to get the most out of his workout.


MET-Rx Supplements

We have tried several of the options available from MET-Rx, and they have all been great choices! I am loving all the chocolate that is involved! The whey protein snack cup is packed with 10g of protein and filled to the brim with a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread and little breadsticks for dipping. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Bites? 12 g of protein!

The Vanilla Caramel Churro is an entire meal replacement and tastes really good, and is super filling! Don’t want a bar? try the Frosty Chocolate High Protein ready to drink shake, that has a whopping 51g of protein in it, but only 3g of sugar!

Are you mid-workout and looking for something to boost your workout and your amino acids? The Lemon Lime flavored AMINO-Fx is the perfect go-to to quench your thirst.




Body Fortress Supplements

Are you looking for a great post workout supplement? Try Body Fortress Super Advanced Vanilla Creme Isolate Protein. In every 2 scoop serving, you are getting 60g of protein, 2g of sugar, 2g of fat, and 280 calories. This mix contains slow, medium, and fast acting protein that work together to give your body a sustained release of amino acids and betaine to support lean muscle mass.

My husband loves the vanilla creme flavor, but it also comes in chocolate if you prefer that. They also carry a whey protein, plant protein, mass gainer, and protein packs for a little variety.


Pure Protein Supplements

Pure protein has a line of protein powders, drinks, and bars. I have been eating the bars, and while they have over 17 flavors to choose from, I have been enjoying the Red Velvet, Maple Caramel, Chocolate Deluxe, and Birthday Cake varieties. I love Red Velvet everything, so I have enjoyed that one, but y’all the birthday cake flavor? oh, my yum! It is dense, which is pretty standard as far as protein bars go, but it has a very good flavor and sprinkles!! It has 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar and 200 calories.

I am interested in trying the Pure Protein Breakfast Bars, because those look really good, and you can start your morning off with a good dose of protein (perfect for those on the go!)



So, as you can see Nature’s Bounty has put out several lines of supplements aimed to help you get the most out of your workout, to reach peak physical performance. Look for them online, and at your local fitness retailers. Also, be sure to follow Nature’s Bounty on social media to stay up to date on new products, promotions, and more!


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