Getting Back On Our Feet Post Pandemic

It has been roughly 15 months since the pandemic knocked us all on our backsides; eliminating jobs, our financial security, and our normal lives. Slowly, and with the help of the COVID vaccine, things are starting to return to normal. While there are still some restrictions in place – masks, and cleaning protocols namely – things are starting to pick back up. We are collectively getting back on our feet, but there is more to come!

Aside from masks still being seen in many public places, one major change that won’t be fading any time soon, is the cleaning protocols that are now in place for many businesses. With COVID still lurking out there, many businesses have rightly taken on a more extreme cleaning routine. Some places have taken to hiring cleaning crews that have a special COVID cleaning routine, such as those provided by

Deval Janitorial works in all sectors as well, including healthcare facilities, office spaces, commercial spaces, and general businesses. If you are a business, and you don’t yet have a COVID specialized crew…get you one!

Image by Willfried Wende from Pixabay

One of the major steps in getting back on our feet is going to be the financial aspect of all of this. Thankfully, we have had some help from stimulus checks, but those don’t last forever, and depending on the size of your bills, might not go far. It might sound like an extra cost right now, but as things start to return to normal, getting advice from a financial advisor isn’t a bad idea.

Many of us found ourselves completely caught off guard financially when COVID swept in, and getting a bit of advice NOW will help us avoid being caught in this same position again. Learning how to budget, or at the very least taking a refresher course in budgeting might be a great idea for most of us. No, we probably don’t NEED to go shopping on, no matter how badly we WANT to.

I mean yes, finishing the new dining room after having to remodel thanks to burst pipes from the Texas freeze is a priority, but I promise the fancy chandelier can wait. What is most important right now, is making sure that we have built or rebuilt a nest egg, saved some emergency funds, and purchased the items that would get us through an emergency situation. For us, that was making sure that we bought ourselves a generator, but the necessities might be different for each family.

Whatever it is, make sure that while we are all working on getting back on our feet, you don’t forget to have a little fun in the meantime. Prepare, yes, but have fun too…life would be way too stressful without a little fun!

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