Great Home Improvement Investments

When it comes to owning a home, there will likely be a time when you decide that it is time for a little upgrade, and decide that it is time for some home improvement investments. I call them investments because that is exactly what they are. Most home improvement projects are going to cost you some money, HOWEVER, if done correctly they can definitely give a nice return when and if you opt to sell.

Some of the bigger home improvement investments, like remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, will give you a visible representation of money spent. However, it is the hidden improvements that might just give you more bang for your buck. Additionally, the two investments I am going to discuss might just save you money in the long run, especially if you live in a cold climate!

The first home improvement investment I want to mention is the freeze protection cable. These are quite simply cables that are used for internal pipe frost protection. Heated water pipes are ideal for making sure that potable water pipelines don’t freeze during extreme weather scenarios. Recently, Texas was hit with a week-long blast of winter weather, unlike anything we have seen in recent years.

This resulted in power outages and frozen pipes for a large population. Of course, this also meant that thousands of homes had water damage when those pipes burst. There a thousand things that could have been done differently here to avoid this from happening, but that is neither here nor there at this point. However, had these homes had heated water pipes, things might have turned out differently.

The second home improvement investment that piqued my interest, was the air to water heat pump. Essentially they work by absorbing the heat in the air around it and turning it into a fluid. That fluid goes through a compressor and creates warm air and hot water, which are delivered to their respective units.

home improvement investments
Image by energy1987 from Pixabay

There are several reasons why a heat pump is a great investment; in addition to a long life span, heat pumps also require less maintenance, have lower running costs, and create fewer emissions!

Lastly, I want to mention an investment that some people may not think of but is definitely beneficial AND a great return on investment! A house generator can provide the homeowner with a financial security blanket of sorts, by protecting from things like food spoilage during a power outage, as well as giving you a way to run your home (and heaters) during cold weather power outages!

If you do decide to invest in a whole house generator, don’t forget the dynamometer. This will allow you to make sure that the generator is creating the power it should be. It is never a bad thing to have on hand!

So yes, do the kitchen remodel, put in that awesome new tub, do the flooring, cabinets, and windows, but don’t forget the hidden improvements, and those that might be a little less conventional! You can check out even more home improvement ideas here!

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