Handmade Gift Ideas for College Grads

As your loved one frames their diploma and prepares for life after graduation, ask yourself what they may need in this new stage of life. How can you wish them well and help them succeed without spending a bundle? Add a personal touch to your gift; these handmade gift ideas for college grads will get your creative juices flowing.

Custom Coffee Mug

Coffee may be a big part of your grad’s future. Create a custom mug (either by hand with special markers or by designing and ordering it online) with inspirational phrases or funny cartoons that will bring a smile to their face every morning.

Hand-Bound Journal

Your grad may need to jot down notes, from meeting times to personal diary entries, and a handmade journal will make them think of you. The ancient art of bookbinding is actually quite easy to get the hang of; you can choose from a number of methods to create a one-of-a-kind journal. Use archival-quality paper and write a little personal note on the front page.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Hope Chest

Grab a plain wooden chest from your local craft store and paint it in your grad’s favorite colors. Paint patterns and lettering as you see fit; go all out with prettying it up! When you’re done, handwrite a heartfelt letter and put it in the chest.

Recipe Book

Now that your grad is preparing for life on their own, set them up for culinary success. Write down a bunch of their favorite recipes, perhaps in a hand-bound book (see above), and present it with a basket of cookies or other favorite treats.

T-Shirt Quilt or Pillow

A cozy quilt made out of old t-shirts is a classic. If you don’t have enough t-shirts or sewing savvy for a whole quilt, make a few simple pillows to spruce up your grad’s bedroom or living room.

Many college grad gift ideas don’t involve a wad of cash and a card from the grocery store. Bring a smile to your loved one’s face with a creative and heartfelt gift made especially for them. These handmade gift ideas for college grads are only suggestions; don’t be afraid to let your mind wander to new and unique concepts!


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