Health Protection for You and Your Pet

The protection of our health should always be a big deal, but it seems like it has become an even bigger deal in the midst of the last few months and the global pandemic that has us all questioning everything…even down to whether we should keep our pets (seriously, stop it, there is absolutely NO reason to rehome your pet!). Health protection for our family AND our pets can come down to a few simple changes.

health protection

Eating right, exercise, yeah those are both things that are on the top of this list of changes that need to be made to live a healthier life. But what if we took things a step further, and looked at things like our cell phone usage, and the effect that it has on our health? Yes, I know that in this day and age, dropping our cell phones just isn’t feasible, but we can take steps to try and eliminate some of the stuff we expose our systems to when using them.

Cell phones emit RF waves, and while they may not cause a lot of damage, the longer a person is on the phone the greater the chance they have of developing issues. If this is a concern you have, there are 5G/EMF Neutralizers on the market that can help shield you from some of those waves. You can learn more about these types of devices by visiting Zen Connect.

Another health concern that people might want to take into consideration, but probably don’t think much of, it the alignment of their bodies, starting at their feet. Anyone who has ever dealt with a misaligned body can attest to the pain it causes, and that pain can have a serious effect on your mental and physical health. One way to combat it is by starting at the bottom; the right pair of orthotic inserts can make a HUGE difference in how your body aligns. We spend a great deal of time on our feet, and if your feet aren’t planted properly, you can create issues.

However, not all inserts are the same. Gel inserts might feel good, but they have no real support. If you want to find true support, then you need to visit Othera.com and take a look at their biomechanically engineered orthotics. Getting the right foundation under your feet is going to make a world of difference in the way your entire body feels.

health protection

Now, this last one is for your pets, and since I am a firm believer that pets can help your mental health, it is for you as well. We all know that our pets need to be taken care of; feeding, play and even grooming. Our family has cats, so cat grooming is on the top of our list of ways to not only care for our pets, but guarantee that they are happy, and a happy cat is one that is affectionate; it’s a win-win for kitty and my mental health!

So, going forward, don’t just look at the diet and exercise when thinking about your health; think outside the box…you would be surprised at how much in our lives affects our health!

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