Healthy Alternatives for Disciplining Your Children

Spanking your children is out-of-date and attaches negative reinforcements to bad behavior. Spanking your child for hitting a sibling sends a mixed message—it’s acceptable if the parent does it, but it’s an inappropriate response from the child. Instead, learn these healthy alternatives for disciplining your children to promote positive behavioral results.

Lost Privileges

A quick and straightforward way of disciplining your children is to take away privileges for toys, video games, TV, electronics, etc. This teaches your child that their bad habits and behavior will result in losing some of their favorite things. Taking away TV privileges for twenty-four hours, with the option for your child to earn the privilege back sooner by completing chores, garners positive results and teaches your children responsibility.

Small Time-Outs

For many young children, getting a handle on their emotions is challenging. Putting your child in a small time-out allows you to walk away, catch your breath, and calm down. This also gives children the opportunity to self-regulate their emotions and find healthy ways to calm themselves down. Small time-outs will help your kids turn their behavior around quickly when you give them positive attention outside of the disciplinary action.

disciplining your children

Rewards for Good Behavior

Not every disciplinary action leads to negative consequences; sometimes your child needs encouragement through rewards for good behavior. The incentive of a reward will provide positive reinforcement, help them steer clear of bad behavior, and minimize the risk of developing poor habits.

Logical Consequences

When your child repeatedly struggles with the same issues, use logical consequences that directly relate to the unwanted behavior. If your child will not pick up their toys, let them know that they cannot play with those toys again until they have been put away. This connects the cause and effect of your child’s actions and directly addresses the behavioral problem.

With these healthy alternatives for disciplining your children, there are plenty of positive options to help turn around poor behavior quickly. Model the behavior you want your children to follow by learning to handle your own frustrations and anger calmly. Many children develop behaviors by watching how their parents react, so keep your attitude positive and use healthy methods to combat unwanted behaviors.


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