Help! How Do I Pick the Right Swimwear Style?

The range of available cuts, designs, and branding on swimwear is massive, and it’s no wonder that people keep coming back to the drawing board, feeling confused about what their options are and what the best cut for them might be. 

Despite the proliferous availability of trending terms like racerback, cross back, and more, it’s quite easy to simplify it and make your journey a bit easier. Start by deciding whether you want something with a closed back or an open back and take it from there. 

What about the different cut styles?

High apex is a popular cut, based on its classic look and universally flattering style. It is suitable for both sporting purposes and leisurewear, and the different styles of straps can be adapted to whatever your personal preference is, from cross-over to halter neck, and in fact, even racerback!

What is the best kind of straps?

In sporting swimsuits for women, thick straps or wide straps that provide a bit more support are a popular and practical choice. Sporty suits also tend to offer more coverage, as they are highly functional pieces, while the “strutting your stuff” design choices are best left to bikinis, but more on that shortly. 

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While thin straps provide a greater range of movement and can feel less restrictive, they are not advisable for those who partake in fitness swimming, as their sturdiness is not comparable to the thicker straps that are better applied for this purpose. However, don’t be disheartened if you find you prefer a thinner strap! Advancements in design and technology have, in recent years, seen the development of several thin-strapped styles of swimwear, which not only allows the wearer to feel more connected to the water but also is becoming more and more supportive with each new design iteration!

I have wobbly bits – how do I hide them? 

For many women, swimsuits with a control panel across the stomach have been a lifesaver over the years. This stalwart of the world of slimming clothing has proven its mettle time and again in helping women to control their appearance in a swimsuit. There are many women’s swimsuit styles available on the market and this is a category that is constantly being improved upon. Look at pieces with a ruched front, a wrap-style front, or even a crossover front to help create a further illusion of control and tonedness.

Check your sizing!

It is very solid advice to always check the precise sizing of the piece you like and would like to buy. The reason for this is simple – wearing a suit that is too big or too small never looks good. If you view your swimsuit purchase as an investment into making your body look good, you might understand the value of perhaps putting in a bit more time, effort, and even money, into making the best choices in your swimwear purchases. Understand your body, and you will understand design – as easy as that!

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