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When you have a child, all you want to do is keep them safe and happy. This can be difficult enough when they’re younger, but as they grow older and start to enter adult life, it can be even harder to know how to help them. One area that can be particularly difficult is that of higher education. After all, this is when your child may be likely to leave home, alongside entering new environments and making brand new friends. It’s an exciting time, but one that can also be stressful for many young people and their families. However, you can help your child to make the right choices and see them through, with just a few helpful pieces of advice.

Do Your Research

Firstly, even if you have been to university yourself, it’s important that you don’t make any assumptions. The environments and standards of different institutions may be wildly different from when you were your child’s age, and there are also many new career paths that simply didn’t exist a few years ago. Rather than relying on your own personal experience to guide your child, make sure to look at the latest reports of higher education courses. Keep your mind open to the different opportunities that may be available for your child.

Consider Alternatives

Traditional universities may not be the right fit for everyone, and that’s completely fine! Whether it’s regarding a bachelor’s degree or an MBA, always consider the alternatives in case a more suitable option for your child can be found. Sites such as Suffolk Online offer e-learning programs of higher education that some young people might find easier to engage with, and more flexible if there are other requirements to their lives, such as jobs or health conditions. Studying online can also be a great solution for children who might find it difficult to leave home, and this option is available for most areas of study, though not all.

Talk to Teachers

Remember that your child’s teachers know them pretty well, and possibly even better than you do in an academic sense. They have seen your child mature and grow in a classroom, and might be better placed to know how they’d react to different academic situations and ways of learning. If you’re finding it difficult to know what to do, see if you can have a chat with your child’s favorite teacher. Chances are, they’ll be able to offer thoughts and advice based on their own experience, and you can pool resources to help guide your child into their future.

Trust Their Choices

As much as you want to keep them safe, ultimately you must remember that your child’s life is theirs to live. Trust their choices (yes, even if you disagree with them!) and simply become a safe place they can return to from any mistakes – and a supporter who can cheer them onto any successes. Learning to trust your child as they grow into an adult is fundamental, and it is the key to helping them find their place in the world.

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