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Homeschooling an autistic child can be a challenge, but sometimes there is no other option; at other times, homeschooling is the best option based on your child’s condition and personality. If you intend to homeschool your child, consider the education systems below and pick the best.  

ABC Mouse 

Every child is different, and every autistic child has specific requirements; that’s why an open learning system is such an excellent idea. When parent-teachers have a wide range of options and activities for their child’s schooling, it offers them the best opportunities in early learning. 

ABC Mouse is an open learning system with 800 lessons and 8,500 activities in all subjects, including maths, science, and art. While ABC Mouse is not specifically designed for young autistic learning, it is perfect for the community as it facilitates independent learning very well.

Abeka Curriculum 

Abeka might be a Christian curriculum, but that doesn’t mean it can’t support the learning of any autistic student from any background. In fact, Abeka is extremely well-suited to teaching autistic children because it has a full range of enjoyable textbooks and drills to help master subjects. 

The Abeka curriculum is a system that supports autistic learning using workbooks, activities, and DVDs. The system builds on itself, so there is some advancement at each stage of the cycle. Abeka also offers an interactive learning component with its fun series of DVD lessons.

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Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia 

If you are in the market for a complete education system for autistic homeschooling, then it’s your lucky day. The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia – also called the ACE – is the ideal education system for autistic kids of any age. It also provides step-by-step progress over years. 

The ACE is based on the great programs at sctoday.edu that are specially designed for autistic children. This is a software-based system, so it is efficient, convenient, and student-focused. The system covers a full range of skills from basic one to advanced writing.    

All About Learning Press

If you have an autistic child with trouble with reading and spelling, then All About Learning Press is an excellent platform. All About Learning Press is a dedicated education system for reading and spelling, helping to take the struggle out of these basic skills for your young autistic learner. 

All About Learning Press makes the task of learning how to read and spell more enjoyable with an interactive kit that includes letter tiles, divider cards, magnets, and many more activities. The system uses 1-4 learning levels and is suitable for pre-school age kids and kindergarten kids.  


Faith-based education systems are sought-after for autistic children if they align with a family tradition, and apologia is one of the best ones around for Christian faith students. If you have an autistic child within the K-12 age range, the Apologia system is enjoyable and progressive. 

Highlights of the Apologia system include its science curriculum, as well as its resources. The Apologia system is an award-winning resource that uses a combination of textbooks and online resources to ensure that the educational standard of autistic children is suitably met.     


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