Homeschooling Autism: Week in Review, January 2 – 6 #LakeshoreLearning

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good week, with the kids returning to school, whether public or homeschooled. I have one of each, so as my daughter returned to Kindergarten in the public school setting, my son and I returned to his lessons in the homeschool setting.

My son is a tactile learner, so almost everything we do has to be hands on, which is why I absolutely love what we did this week…I guess you could say we had a Lakeshore Learning kind of week, because nearly everything we did, included some kind of game, or learning kit from Lakeshore Learning!

Before I get to the things we did this week, let me give you a little background. When we first started this school year, I had set a schedule for my son, that somewhat mimicked a public school schedule…I had him doing a little of every subject, every day. It didn’t take long to figure out that is wasn’t going to work out well that way. So, after much soul searching, some observation, and a few tweaks to my lesson plan, I decided that we would focus on one subject a day.

My son attends Speech Therapy at the public school, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we do reading, phonics, and handwriting on those days.

On the other days we tackle math, science, and social studies. We also make sure that we do art daily, as it is a good outlet for him. Ok, so now that you know a bit of the background, lets get into what we actually did!

For our reading and phonics lessons, we used the word family flip books from Lakeshore Learning. I love these books, because they are easy to use, and teach my son a variety of words, and assist him in some of the combination sounds that he has trouble with.

This set comes with 30 books, for a total of 300 words. It is a great set, and something that my son enjoys. It also doubles as extra lessons for my daughter, who is in Kindergarten! Unfortunately, this is also an item that has been discontinued, however, they do have a similar set of Phonics Books!

For Math, we used the addition and subtraction regrouping kits. These are the easiest way to help my son with math. Being that the kits are a hands on, my son can really visualize math problems. We can go through the provided cards, and do the math problems, then make up our own.

There is a tray that has three sections, labeled for hundreds, tens, and ones. You get a bag full of hundreds, tens, and ones “coins”, a dry erase board and marker for working problems in the traditional way, and a case of math problems. My son is able to work problems in more than one way, which reinforces the skill for him.


Lastly, and one of my favorite items, and clearly one of my sons, is the Create-a-chain-reaction STEM starter kit. This kit has several pieces that are needed to create a slew of different chain reactions, with the goal of getting your ball from the starting point, to the goal.

It comes with different set ups that you can copy, each with a different degree of difficulty, or you can do like my son does, and create your own. I am highly impressed with this set, and love that it is part of the STEM curriculum, which is very beneficial to all students, but is something that my son can excel in.



This last item isn’t something that I use for my son, but it is a Lakeshore Learning item, so I wanted to include it in this post. This is something that I use with my daughter, who is in Kindergarten. These are alphabet learning locks, and they help her with letter recognition.

Each lock has an uppercase letter on one side, and a picture of something starting with that letter on the other side. Each key has a lowercase letter on it. I spread them out on the table and mix up the keys, then let my daughter find the matches.

At school, she does something called iStation, which scores her based on her reading ability. One area she is tested on, is letter knowledge. Since starting these lock and keys with her, her letter knowledge score, has started to go up, with each new report! They are lots of fun, and clearly working!!


So, there you have it…our week in a nutshell, or blog post! What did you all do this week? I would love to hear about your week, and the curriculum that you used. Sound off below!

*Some of the items in this post were received complimentary for review purposes. The opinions found within are purely my own, and have not been influenced by outside sources*

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    • HI! I am so glad you stopped by! For Lakeshore Learning orders in Australia please contact :

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      I am sure they will be able to get you set up with the Alphabet Key Lock Game. Please let me know if you are successful!

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