Homeschooling In Southeast Asia

When you embrace the joys of homeschooling, there’s one advantage your family gets over other parents and kids. You don’t need to wait until the peak season to visit any place in the world. You can travel anytime, and it wouldn’t affect your kids’ education. Homeschooling can allow you to be more flexible with your holiday plans. You can save a lot of money by traveling outside of school holiday dates. Prices can double in popular destinations during the peak season. When you’re traveling as a family, every dollar could make a big difference! With plenty of destinations to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start your journey. May we suggest Southeast Asia!

Southeast Asia is rich in adventures and exciting locations. Asia is one of the most misunderstood destinations in the world, as it presents such diverse cultures. For Western travelers, the mixture of religions, indigenous and colonial influences, languages, and cuisines can be overwhelming. But it also is a wonderfully humbling experience that opens your eyes and mind. For anyone who wants to recharge their batteries after a stressful period, Southeast Asia is a dream destination. For instance, Vientiane, the capital of Laos, mixes Buddhist influence, former French colonial culture, and soothing riverside landscapes. Too quiet to your taste? Try Hanoi, Vietnam, that blends effortlessly modern world and old folklore. There is a cultural lesson everywhere you go, and for kids, it’s a healthy dose of open-mindedness combined with homeschooling lessons. 

Before you plan your trip, though, we suggest waiting until the pandemic situation is clear. It is currently recommended to avoid travel as much as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your Southeast Asian trip!

homeschooling Southeast Asia
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Pack something to keep the kids busy

Getting your family to Southeast Asia is a long flight journey. You want to plan a prolonged stay to give yourself plenty of time to recover from jetlag. Unfortunately, jetlag affects us in different ways. You may feel exhausted for a couple of days while the kids will be bouncing with excitement and up early in the morning. Homeschooling means planning lessons that suit everyone’s schedule. Yet, in the days following your arrival, you want to rest until your body has recovered. Now’s not a good time for learning or teaching new things. Instead, you should pack a few entertainment gadgets to keep early-risers busy until the family is ready for the day. A smart robot that teaches your young ones to draw can be the perfect companion for younger students. An e-reader such as a Kindle, packed with carefully selected kid-friendly novels, can make sure that your older ones will know how to stay busy during jetlag days. 


Pick a travel platform

Southeast Asia is a vast region that sits between the south of China, north-west of Australia, and east of the Indian subcontinent. If you check on a map, it is a huge area! You’ll have a lot of things to see, and plenty of visits to organize. Therefore, it’s good to pick a central location, such as Singapore, that is a couple of hours away by plane from most Southeast Asian countries. You’ll be pleased to know that most rental properties in Singapore are within commutable distance from main transport hubs, such as train stations or airports. You can easily plan a weekend getaway in Thailand or Malaysia and be back in time for a new homeschooling week! 

homeschooling Southeast Asia
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You will always find someone who speaks English

Visiting a foreign country can be daunting, especially if you don’t speak the lingo. Thankfully, many countries in Southeast Asia have a high grasp of English and speak it at a fluent or almost fluent level. Singapore has the highest English Proficiency Index, behind the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. You won’t have any issue finding someone who understands you and can help you. Malaysia and the Philippines also have a high proficiency level. When you’re traveling with kids, it’s easier to integrate some of the local cultural elements into their day-to-day homeschooling lessons, as you will be able to find an English translation or explanation rapidly. 


Keeping in touch with homeschooling resources and friends

A lot of countries in the area enjoy fast Internet connections. If you’re using online resources for your homeschooling planning, you will have no difficulty accessing these. Singapore, especially, is an excellent location for broadband speed. Most accommodations have a fast connection. You can also find plenty of coffees with free Wi-Fi. Why not seize the opportunity to organize a zoom meeting with your relatives at home? 


Feeling safe while exploring

One of the first lessons that every parent should teach their kids is about discrimination. Discriminating people is, as everybody knows, unpleasant and unhelpful. More often than not, however, the behavior is dictated by fear and misunderstanding. Being abroad can encourage kids to become more open-minded and understand the subtle differences between many cultures. Therefore, meeting a population who is different but friendly, hospitable, and respectful can play a significant role in reducing fear and discomfort for children. People in Southeast Asia are naturally polite and hospitable, making visitors feel at ease.


Let the TV decide where to go

Combining travel and homeschooling means that you can get creative about your lessons. Why not integrate some of the local cultural spots to your day-to-day lessons? A great way of identifying exciting spots is to turn on the TV – yes, the screen will be your best friend. Asian dramas are rich in Instagram-worthy locations that can act as a background for a talk about respect, history, or even literature. 


You can work on the go too

Last but not least, homeschooling allows you to travel whenever and wherever you want. More and more parents embrace a digital nomadic lifestyle that lets them work digitally while traveling. If you’ve decided to make Southeast Asia your homeschooling location, why not extend your stay by a few months and choose to work there? You can make the most of the situation and pack a program rich in cultural knowledge for your kids! 

In conclusion, embrace new homeschooling challenges by taking your family on a world travel tour. Southeast Asia is a fantastic destination to safely experience new cultures and languages and get plenty of inspiration for arts, literature, and history lessons too!  


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